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Tac-Scan (Paddle) (1982) (Sega) (001-01)Tank Brigade (AKA Phantom Tank) (1983) (Panda) (101)Tanks But No Tanks (AKA Phantom Tank) (1983) (ZiMAG - Emag - Vidco) (707-111 - GN-030)Tapeworm (1982) (Spectravision, Spectravideo) (SA-204)Tapper (1984) (Sega - Bally Midway - Beck-Tech) (010-01)Targ (1983) (CBS Electronics) (80110) (Prototype)Task Force (AKA Gangster Alley) (1987) (Froggo) (FG1003)Tax Avoiders (1982) (American Videogame - Dunhill Electronics, Darrell Wagner, Todd Clark Holm, John Simonds)Taz (Tazz) (1983) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Steve Woita) (CX2699)Telepathy (Mindlink Controller) (1983) (Atari, Dan Oliver) (Prototype)Tempest (01-05-1984) (Atari, Carla Meninsky) (CX2687) (Prototype)Tennis - Le Tennis (1981) (Activision, Alan Miller) (AG-007, CAG-007)Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1983) (Wizard Video Games, Ed Salvo) (008)Threshold (1982) (Tigervision, Warren Schwader) (7-003)Thunderground (1983) (Sega) (003-01)Thwocker (04-09-1984) (Activision, Charlie Heath) (Prototype)Time Pilot (1983) (Coleco, Harley H. Puthuff Jr.) (2663)Time Warp (1982) (Funvision - Fund. International Co.)Title Match Pro Wrestling (1987) (Absolute Entertainment, Alex DeMeo) (AG-041-04)Tomarc the Barbarian (Thundarr the Barbarian) (1983) (99007, 6240) (Xonox - K-Tel Software, Anthony R. Henderson)Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (1988) (Absolute Entertainment, Dan Kitchen) (AK-046-04)Tooth Protectors (1983) (DSD-Camelot - Johnson & Johnson)Towering Inferno (1982) (U.S. Games Corporation, Jeff Corsiglia, Paul Allen Newell) (VC1009)Track and Field (Los Angeles 1984 Games) (Track & Field Controller) (1984) (Atari - GCC, Jaques Hugon, Seth Lipkin) (CX26125, CX26127)Treasure Below (1983) (Video Gems) (VG-05) (PAL)Treasure Island (Suntek) (SS-026) (PAL)Trick Shot (1982) (Imagic, Dennis Koble) (720000-100, 720100-1B, IA3000)TRON - Deadly Discs (TRON Joystick) (1982) (M Network, Jeff Ronne, Brett Stutz - INTV) (MT5662)Tunnel Runner (Black Box) (1983) (CBS Electronics, Richard K. Balaska Jr., Andy Frank, Stuart Ross) (4L 2520 5000)Turmoil (1982) (20th Century Fox Video Games, Mark Turmell) (11007)Tutankham (1983) (Parker Brothers, Dave Engman, Dawn Stockbridge) (PB5340)

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