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Dancing Plate - Dancing Plates - Tanzende Teller (1982) (Bit Corporation) (PG205) (PAL)Dark Cavern (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney) (MT5667)Dark Chambers (Dungeon, Dungeon Masters) (1988) (Atari, Adam Clayton, John Howard Palevich) (CX26151)Deadly Duck (1982) (20th Century Fox Video Games - Sirius Software, Ed Hodapp) (11004)Death Trap (1983) (Avalon Hill, Jean Baer, Jim Jacob) (5001002)Defender (1982) (Atari, Robert C. Polaro, Alan J. Murphy - Sears) (CX2609 - 49-75186)Demolition Herby (1983) (Telesys, Don 'Donyo' Ruffcorn) (1006)Demon Attack (Death from Above) (1982) (Imagic, Rob Fulop) (720000-200, 720101-1B, 720101-1C, IA3200, IX-006-04) [fixed]Demons to Diamonds (Hot Rox) (Paddle) (1982) (Atari, Alan J. Murphy, Nick 'Sandy Maiwald' Turner - Sears) (CX2615 - 49-75140)Desert Falcon (Nile Flyer, Sphinx) (1987) (Atari, Robert C. Polaro) (CX26140)Dice Puzzle (1983) (Panda) (106)Dice Puzzle (1983) (Sancho - Tang's Electronic Co.) (TEC005) (PAL)Dig Dug (1983) (Atari - GCC, Douglas B. Macrae) (CX2677)Dishaster (AKA Dancing Plate) (1983) (ZiMAG - Emag - Vidco) (711-111 - GN-020)Dodge 'Em - Dodger Cars (Head On) (1980) (Atari, Carla Meninsky - Sears) (CX2637 - 49-75158) [fixed]Dolphin (1983) (Activision, Matthew L. Hubbard, Bob Whitehead) (AX-024)Donald Duck's Speedboat (Donald Duck's Regatta) (04-12-1983) (Atari) (CX26108) (Prototype)Double Dragon (1989) (Activision, Dan Kitchen) (AK-050-04)Double Dunk (Super Basketball) (1989) (Atari, Matthew L. Hubbard) (CX26159)Dragon Defender (Suntek) (SS-021) (PAL)Dragonfire (Cheese) (1982) (Imagic, Bob Smith) (720020-1A, IA3611)Dragonstomper (Excalibur) (1982) (Starpath Corporation, Stephen Harland Landrum) (6) (AR-4400)Dragster (1980) (Activision, David Crane) (AG-001)Dukes of Hazzard (1983) (Atari, Mark R. Hahn) (CX2678)Dukes of Hazzard (AKA Stunt Cycle) (Paddle) (1980) (Atari, Robert C. Polaro) (Prototype)Dumbo's Flying Circus (07-11-1983) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Peter C. Niday) (CX26115) (Prototype) (PAL)Dune (07-10-1984) (Atari, Bruce Poehlman, Gary Stark) (Prototype)

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