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A-Team, The (AKA Saboteur) (05-08-1984) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Howard Scott Warshaw) (CX26133) (Prototype)Acid Drop (1992) (Salu, Dennis M. Kiss) (460758) (PAL)Activision Decathlon, The (1983) (Activision, David Crane) (AG-930-04, AZ-030) [fixed]Adventure (1980) (Atari, Warren Robinett - Sears) (CX2613 - 49-75154)Adventures of TRON (TRON Joystick) (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney, Glenn Hightower, Peter Kaminski - INTV) (MT4317)Air Raid (Men-A-Vision) (PAL)Air Raiders (Air Battle) (1982) (M Network, Larry Zwick - INTV) (MT5861)Air-Sea Battle - Air Sea Battle - Target Fun (Anti-Aircraft) (1977) (Atari, Larry Kaplan - Sears) (CX2602 - 99802, 6-99802, 49-75102)Airlock (1982) (Data Age) (DA1004)Alien (1982) (20th Century Fox Video Games, Douglas 'Dallas North' Neubauer) (11006)Alligator People (1983) (20th Century Fox Video Games, John Russell) (Prototype)Alpha Beam with Ernie (Kid's Controller) (Children's Computer Workshop) (1983) (Atari, Michael Callahan, Preston Stuart) (CX26103)Amidar (1982) (Parker Brothers, Ed Temple) (PB5310)AndroMan on the Moon (1984) (Western Technologies, Michael Case, Lenny Carlson) (Prototype)Aquaventure (Sea Sentinel) (08-12-1983) (Atari, Gary Shannon) (Prototype)Armor Ambush (Tank Battle) (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney - INTV) (MT5661)Artillery Duel (1983) (Xonox - K-Tel Software, John Perkins) (6230, 7210, 06004, 99004)Assault (AKA Sky Alien) (1983) (Bomb - Onbase) (CA281)Asterix (AKA Taz) (1983) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Steve Woita) (CX2696) (PAL)Asteroid Fire (1983) (Home Vision - Gem International Corp.) (VCS83111) (PAL)Asteroids (1981) (Atari, Brad Stewart - Sears) (CX2649 - 49-75163)Astroblast (Paddle) (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney - INTV) (MT5666) [fixed]Atari Video Cube (Atari Cube, Video Cube) (1982) (Atari - GCC) (CX2670)Atlantis (Lost City of Atlantis) (1982) (Imagic, Dennis Koble) (720103-1A, 720103-1B, IA3203, IX-010-04)Atlantis II (1982) (Imagic, Dennis Koble) (720103-1A, IA3203)

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