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M.A.D. (Missile Intercept) (1982) (U.S. Games Corporation) (VC1012)M.A.S.H (1983) (20th Century Fox Video Games, Frank Cohen, Douglas 'Dallas North' Neubauer) (11011)MagiCard (Keyboard Controller) (1981) (Computer Magic - CommaVid, John Bronstein) (CM-001)Malagai (1983) (Answer Software Corporation) (ASC1001)Mangia' (1983) (Spectravideo) (SA-212)Marauder (1982) (Tigervision, Rorke Weigandt) (7-005)Marine Wars (1983) (Konami) (RC 102-X 02)Master Builder (1983) (Spectravideo) (SA-210)Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (1983) (M Network, Connie Goldman, Joe King, Patricia Lewis Du Long, Gerald Moore, Mike Sanders, Jossef Wagner - INTV) (MT4319)Math Gran Prix (Math Game) (1982) (Atari, Suki Lee - Sears) (CX2658 - 49-75128)Maze Craze - A Game of Cops 'n Robbers - Maze Mania - A Game of Cops 'n Robbers (1980) (Atari, Richard Maurer - Sears) (CX2635 - 49-75157)McDonald's - Golden Arches Adventure (Big Mac) (06-06-1983) (Parker Brothers, Dave Engman, Isabel Garret) (Prototype)Mega Force (1982) (20th Century Fox Video Games, Douglas 'Dallas North' Neubauer) (11005)MegaBoy (Dynacom)MegaMania - A Space Nightmare (1982) (Activision, Steve Cartwright) (AX-017, AX-017-04)Meltdown (Atom Smasher) (1983) (20th Century Fox Video Games - Videa, David Ross) (11029) (Prototype)Midnight Magic (Pinball Wizard) (1984) (Atari, Glenn Axworthy) (CX26129)Millipede (1984) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Andrew Fuchs, Dave Staugas, Robert Vieira) (CX26118)Mind Maze (Mind Race) (Mindlink Controller) (10-10-1984) (Atari, Peter C. Niday, Howard Scott Warshaw) (Prototype)Miner 2049er - Starring Bounty Bob (1982) (Tigervision, Bill Hogue) (7-008)Miner 2049er Volume II (1983) (Tigervision, Bill Hogue) (7-011)Mines of Minos (1982) (CommaVid, Irwin Gaines) (CM-005)Miniature Golf - Arcade Golf (1979) (Atari - Sears) (CX2626 - 6-99829, 49-75116)Miss Piggy (Later)Missile Command (1981) (Atari, Rob Fulop - Sears) (CX2638 - 49-75166)Missile Control (1983) (Video Gems) (VG-01) (PAL)Mission 3,000 A.D. - Mission 3000 (1983) (Bit Corporation) (PG207)Mission Survive (1983) (Video Gems) (VG-04) (PAL)Mogul Maniac (Joyboard) (1983) (Amiga) (3120)Mole Hunter (AKA Topy) (Suntek) (SS-023) (PAL)Monster Cise (Kid's Controller) (1984) (Atari) (CX26131) (Prototype)Montezuma's Revenge - Featuring Panama Joe (1984) (Parker Brothers, Robert Jaeger) (PB5760)Moon Patrol (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Noellie Alito) (CX2692)Moonsweeper (1988) (Activision) (AIZ-001)Motocross (Suntek) (SS-022) (PAL)Motocross Racer (1983) (Xonox - K-Tel Software, Anthony R. Henderson) (99008, 6240)MotoRodeo (Motor Olympics, Motor Rodeo) (1990) (Atari - Axlon, Steve DeFrisco) (CX26171)Mountain King (1983) (CBS Electronics, E.F. Dreyer, Ed Salvo) (4L 2738 0000)Mouse Trap (1982) (Coleco) (2459)Mr. Do! (1983) (Coleco, Ed English) (2656)Mr. Do!'s Castle (1984) (Parker Brothers) (PB5820)Mr. Postman - Der Postmann (1983) (Bit Corporation) (PG209) (PAL)Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Glenn Parker) (CX2675)Music Machine, The (Paddle) (1983) (Sparrow - HomeComputer Software Co., Dan Schafer, Glenn Stohel, Jon Tedesco) (GCG 1001T)My Golf (1990) (HES, David Lubar) (535) (PAL) [fixed]Mysterious Thief, A (1983) (ZiMAG - Emag - Vidco) (GN-070) (Prototype)

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