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G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike (Paddle) (1983) (Parker Brothers, John Emerson) (PB5920)Galaxian (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Glenn Parker) (CX2684)Gamma-Attack (1983) (Gammation, Robert L. Esken Jr.)Gangster Alley (1982) (Spectravision, Spectravideo) (SA-201)Garfield (Garfield on the Run) (06-21-1984) (Atari, Mimi Dodgett, Steve Woita) (CX26132) (Prototype)Gas Hog (1983) (Spectravideo, Mark Turmell) (SA-217) [fixed]Gauntlet (1983) (Answer Software Corporation) (ASC1002)General Re-Treat (AKA Custer's Revenge) (1982) (PlayAround - J.H.M.) (206) (PAL)Ghost Manor (1983) (Xonox - K-Tel Software - Beck-Tech) (6210, 06002, 06004, 99002)Ghostbusters (1985) (Activision, David Crane, Dan Kitchen) (AZ-108-04)Ghostbusters II (1992) (Salu - Avantgarde Software, Michael Buetepage) (460741) (PAL)Gigolo (1982) (PlayAround - J.H.M.) (205)Glacier Patrol (1989) (Telegames, Ed Salvo) (5667 A106)Glib - Video Word Game (1983) (Selchow & Righter - QDI) (87)Go Go Home Monster (1983) (Home Vision - Gem International Corp.) (PAL)Golf (Championship Golf) (1980) (Atari, Tom Rudadahl - Sears) (CX2634 - 49-75121)Gopher (Gopher Attack) (1982) (U.S. Games Corporation, Sylvia Day) (VC2001)Gorf (1982) (CBS Electronics, Alex Leavens) (M8776, M8793)Grand Prix (1982) (Activision, David Crane) (AX-014, AX-014-04)Gravitar (1983) (Atari, Dan Hitchens) (CX2685)Great Escape (AKA Asteroid Fire) (1983) (Bomb - Onbase) (CA282)Gremlins (Gargoyle) (1984) (Atari, Mimi Nyden, Scott Smith, Robert Vieira) (CX26127)Grover's Music Maker (Monkey Music) (Kid's Controller) (Children's Computer Workshop) (01-18-1983) (Atari, Stephen Keith, Preston Stuart) (CX26106) (Prototype)Guardian (Cosmic Combat) (Paddle) (1982) (Apollo, Larry Martin) (AP-2008)Gyruss (1984) (Parker Brothers) (PB5080)

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