PSF, NSF, GYM, SPC, DSF, HPS, ADP Music Section

Music Sections:

Music Players:

Audio Overload (all in one player):

Audio Overload handles the playback of all these music formats and more in a very elegant playlist oriented interface. Use Audio Overload to play all the music formats available in this section. Audio Overload supports the following formats:

  • AY - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST
  • COP - Sam Coupe
  • GBS - Nintendo Gameboy
  • GSF - Nintendo Gameboy Advance
  • GYM - Sega Megadrive/Genesis
  • HES - PC Engine
  • IMF - PC-compatibles, various Apogee games
  • KSS - MSX
  • MDX - Sharp X68000
  • MOD - Commodore Amiga
  • NSF - Nintendo NES
  • NSFE - Nintendo NES (enhanced tags)
  • ORC - TRS-80 Orchestra-90
  • PSF - Sony PlayStation
  • QSF - Capcom QSound
  • RAW - PC-compatibles with an AdLib
  • ROL - PC-compatibles, AdLib Visual Composer
  • S3M - PC-compatibles with a GUS or SoundBlaster
  • S98 - NEC PC-98
  • SAP - Atari XL/XE
  • SCI - PC-compatibles, various Sierra games
  • SNDH - Atari ST
  • SPC - Super Nintendo
  • VGM - Sega Master System/Game Gear
  • VTX - Spectrum Vortex Tracker
  • YM - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST
You can download Audio Overload (Version 2.0 Beta 7) to solve all your gaming audio playing worries by selecting the appropriate operating system choice for yourself below:
Audio Overload for Mac OS (1.6MB)
Audio Overload for Windows (925KB)
Audio Overload for Linux x86 - 32 (728KB)
Audio Overload for Linux x86 - 64 (763KB)

Credit for Audio Overload goes to Richard Bannister, whose site containing more nifty emulation utilities can be found by clicking here (Opens in a New Window).

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