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U Boat Hunter (19xx)(Dynamicsnot)Uchi Mata (1987)(Martech Games)Uchi Mata 2 (1988)(Martech Games)UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission, The (1987)(Mastertronic)UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission, The (1987)(Mastertronic)(128k)UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission, The (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Ufo (1982)(J.K. Greye Enterprises)Ufo Adventure (1998)(Nyitrai Laszlo)(Hu)UGH! (1984)(Softek Software International)Ujpuzi (19xx)(-)(128k)(UNK-LANG)Ulises (1989)(Operasoft)(Sp)Ulises (1989)(Operasoft)(Sp)[a]Ultima Ratio (1987)(Firebird)Ultimate Print (19xx)(-)Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)[a]Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)[a2]Ultra Reflect (1995)(Tiger's Claw)Umbral, El (1989)(Jaime Cristobal Urbicain)Uncle Jack (19xx)(J.J. Soft)Underground (19xx)(Skorpyo)(Sp)Underwurlde (1984)(Ultimate)Underwurlde (1984)(Ultimate)[a]Underwurlde (1984)(Ultimate)[a2]Underwurlde (1984)(Ultimate)[a3]United (1984)(CCS)United (1984)(CCS)[a]Unitrax (1987)(Domark)Unitrax (1987)(Domark)[a]Unitrax (1987)(Domark)[a2]Universal Hero (19xx)(Mastertronic)Universal Schrift (19xx)(-)Universe (19xx)(-)Untouchables, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[a][Part 1 of 2]Untouchables, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[Part 1 of 2]Untouchables, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[Part 2 of 2]Untouchables, The (demo) (19xx)(Ocean Software)Up For Grabs (1988)(Alternative Software)Urban (1991)(Zenobi Software)Urban Upstart (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)Urban Upstart (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)[a]Uridium (1985)(Hewson Consultants)Uridium (1985)(Hewson Consultants)[a]Uridium (1985)(Hewson Consultants)[a2]Uridium + (1986)(Hewson Consultants)Urquahart Castle (19xx)(Central Solutions)Uschi (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Uschi Compiler (1987)(Happy Computer)(UNK-LANG)Use Your Loaf (19xx)(The Guild)UTE (1984)(-)Utok Bile Mysky (1993)(Proxima Software)(UNK-LANG)Uve Atac (1985)(Microhobby)(Sp)

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