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Oasis Backgammon (19xx)(-)Oasis Backgammon (19xx)(-)[a]Oberon 69 (1990)(Diabolic Software)(Sp)Oberon 69 (1990)(Diabolic Software)(Sp)[a]Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)(128k)Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)(128k)[a]Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)[a]Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)[a2]Oblivion (19xx)(Alpha Omega Software)Obs Prog (19xx)(-)Obs Prog (19xx)(-)[a]Ocean Conqueror (1987)(Rack It)Ocean Conqueror (1987)(Rack It)[a]Ocean Dancer (19xx)(C. Woodhouse)Octagon (19xx)(Budgie Budget Software)Octagon (19xx)(Budgie Budget Software)[a]Octan (1987)(Silverbird)Octipede (19xx)(-)(128k)Octopus (1999)(Andy Kavanaugh)Odd Ball (1987)(The Power House)Odd Ball (1987)(The Power House)[a]Odd Job Eddie (1985)(Amstrad)(128k)Odd Job Eddie (1985)(Strobe)Odisea (1990)(Juano Pueblo Soft)(Sp)[Part 1 of 2]Odisea (1990)(Juano Pueblo Soft)(Sp)[Part 2 of 2]Odyssee (19xx)(-)(De)Odyssey Of Hope, The (1984)(Martech Games)Oei (19xx)(Oei)(128k)(UNK-LANG)Official Father Christmas, The (1989)(Alternative Software)Oh Mummy (1986)(Amstrad - Gem Software)Oink! - Piggy Tales (1987)(CRL Group)Oink! - Piggy Tales (1987)(CRL Group)[a]Oink! - Piggy Tales (1987)(CRL Group)[a2]Oix (1984)(Jaraslaw Cichocki)(Pl)OK Yah (1988)(Pirate Software)OK Yah (1988)(Pirate Software)[a]Ole Toro (1985)(Dinamic)Ole Toro (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)Ole Toro (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)[a]Olimpo En Guerra (19xx)(-)(Sp)Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird)Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird)[a]Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird)[a2]Olli & Lissa II - Halloween (1987)(Firebird)Olli & Lissa III - The Candlelight Adventure (1989)(Codemasters)Olli & Lissa III - The Candlelight Adventure (1989)(Codemasters)[a]Ollie Octopus' Sketch-Pad (1983)(Storm Software)Olympiad (1986)(Atlantis Software)Olympicon (1984)(Microtechnica)Olympics (1984)(Matthew Bradshaw)[Part 1 of 2]Olympics (1984)(Matthew Bradshaw)[Part 2 of 2]Olympimania (1984)(Automata UK)Olympimania (1984)(Automata UK)[a]Omega 2 (19xx)(-)Omega One (1987)(Mastertronic)Omega One (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Omega Run (1983)(CRL Group)Omega Zone, The (1991)(Peter Curtis)Omega Zone, The (1991)(Peter Curtis)[a]Ometron (1983)(Software Projects)Ometron (1983)(Software Projects)[a]Omni Calc 2 (1983)(Microsphere)Omni Copy 2 (1983)(Microsphere)On Cue (1987)(Mastertronic)On Cue (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]On Cue (1989)(G.B. Max Software)(Sp)On The Oche (1984)(Artic Computing)On The Run (1985)(Design Design Software)On The Run (1985)(Design Design Software)[a]One Arm Bandit (1985)(Argus Press Software)One For The Road (1986)(Tynesoft)One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)[a2]One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)[a3]One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)[a4]One Of Our Wombats Is Missing (1990)(Zenobi Software)One Of Our Wombats Is Missing (1990)(Zenobi Software)[a]One On One (1983)(Ariolasoft UK)One Queen Puzzle, The (19xx)(CSSCGC)Oops (1988)(The Big Apple Entertainment Company)Open Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)Operation Colossus (19xx)(Omega Software)Operation Gunship (1989)(Codemasters)Operation Gunship (1989)(Codemasters)[a]Operation Hormuz (1989)(Again Again)Operation Hormuz (1989)(Again Again)(128k)Operation Nightingale (1985)(Softly Softly)Operation Thunderbolt (1989)(Ocean Software)Operation Thunderbolt (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a2]Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a3]Oppressed Land, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Oracle's Cave, The (1984)(Doric Computer Services)Oracle's Cave, The (1984)(Doric Computer Services)[a]Orbit (1996)(CSSCGC)Orbiter (1982)(Silversoft)Orbiter (1982)(Silversoft)[a]Orbix The Terrorball (1986)(Domark)Orbix The Terrorball (1986)(Domark)[a]Orc Attack (1984)(Creative Sparks)Orc Attack (1984)(Creative Sparks)[a]Orc Island (19xx)(Double Play Adventures)Orc Island (19xx)(Double Play Adventures)[a]Organ (19xx)(-)Orient Gardens (19xx)(-)(It)Oriental Hero (1987)(Firebird)Oriental Hero (1987)(Firebird)[a]Orion (1983)(Software Projects)Orion (1983)(Software Projects)[a]Orstalon, The (1992)(Mark Evans)(128k)[Unfinished]Ortograpfia (1985)(Coral Software)Oston (1984)(JC Jumbo Data)(Da)Osvajanje Zvedza (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Ot Egy Sorban (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Otan Alerta! (1984)(CCS - Hobbypress)[Spanish Nato Alert]Othello (1998)(-)(128k)(UNK-LANG)Othello (1998)(Nyitrai Laszlo)(Hu)Out Copy (19xx)(-)Out For The Count (1989)(Dynamite Designs)Out Of The Limelight (1992)(Zenobi Software)Out Of The Shadows (1984)(Mizar Computing)Out Of The Shadows (1984)(Mizar Computing)[a]Out Of The Shadows (1984)(Mizar Computing)[a2]Out Of This World (1987)(Reaktor)Outcast (1987)(CRL Group)Outdex - The Outlet Index (19xx)(-)Outlaw (1990)(Players)(128k)Outlaws (19xx)(-)Outrun (1986)(US Gold)(128k)Overboard (1996)(CSSCGC)Overkill (1988)(Atlantis Software)Overlander (1988)(Elite Systems)Overlander (1988)(Elite Systems)(128k)Overlander (1988)(Elite Systems)[a]Overload (1985)(Sinclair User)Overlord (19xx)(CCS)Overlords (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)Oxo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)

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