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N.E.I.L. Android (1988)(Alternative Software)N.E.X.O.R. (1986)(Design Design)N.E.X.O.R. (1986)(Design Design)[a]N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)[a]N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)[a2]Na Balkanu Nista Novo (1989)(Samir Ribic & Zeljko Juric)(Bo)Nanas (1983)(Mikro-Gen)Nanas (1983)(Mikro-Gen)[a]Napoleon At Waterloo (1986)(CCS)Napoleon At Waterloo (1986)(CCS)[a]National, The (1988)(D&H Games)Nato Alert (1984)(CCS)Nato Alert (1984)(CCS)[a]Nato Assault (1987)(Astros Productions)(128k)Nato Assault Course (1988)(CRL Group)Nato Assault Course (1988)(CRL Group)[a]Naughts And Crosses (1996)(CSSCGC)Nauka Jazdy (1986)(K. Wysocki)Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic)(128k)[Part 1 of 2]Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic)[a][Part 2 of 2]Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic)[Part 1 of 2]Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic)[Part 2 of 2]Navy Seals - Part 1 (19xx)(Ocean Software)(128k)Navy Seals - Part 2 (19xx)(Ocean Software)(128k)Nazwadni (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Nebula (1984)(Red Shift)Nebula (1984)(Red Shift)[a]Nebulus (1987)(Hewson Consultants)Nebulus (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[a]Necks Please (1985)(Automata UK)Necris Dome, The (1987)(Codemasters)Necris Dome, The (1987)(Codemasters)[a]Necro Plasm (1989)(Grant Jaquest)Ned's Garden (1985)(Argus Press Software)Ned's Garden (1985)(Argus Press Software)[a]Negy a Nyero (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Neighbours (1990)(Zeppelin Games)Nemesis - The Final Challenge (1987)(Konami)Nemesis (1987)(Konami)Nemesis The Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)Nemesis The Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)(128k)Nemesis The Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)[a]Neolite (1984)(Softhouse)Nest Of Bastards, The (1991)(Greg Fox)(128k)Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)[a]Netherland Geography (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Netherland Geography (19xx)(-)[a](UNK-LANG)Netherworld (1988)(Hewson Consultants)Netherworld (1988)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)Netherworld (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[a]Network Anaylser (1983)(Number One Systems)Neuron Warriors (1992)(A Soft)(128k)Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a2]Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a3]Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)[Part 1 of 3]Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)[Part 2 of 3]Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)[Part 3 of 3]Never Trust A Blonde (1983)(Elfin Software)New Age Warper (19xx)(Matthew Smith)New Compiler (19xx)(-)New Format Copy v1.0 (1984)(Tadeusz Wilczek)New Format Copy v1.1 (1984)(Tadeusz Wilczek)New Super Code (1986)(J. Gajdecki Software)New Super Code (1996)(J. Gajdecki Software)[a]New Wheels John (1985)(Automata UK)New Wheels John (1985)(Automata UK)[a]New Year 1985 (1985)(Samir Ribic)(Bo)Newangels (1992)(Sinclair User)Newterm (1986)(Microsource NL)Nexus (1986)(Ocean Software)Nexus (1986)(Ocean Software)[a]Nick Faldo Plays The Open (1985)(Argus Press Software)Nick Faldo Plays The Open (1985)(Argus Press Software)[a]Nicotine Nightmare (1985)(Atlantis Software)Nicotine Nightmare (1985)(Atlantis Software)[a]Nifty Lifty (1984)(Visions Software Factory)Nifty Lifty (1984)(Visions Software Factory)[a]Nifty Lifty (1984)(Visions Software Factory)[a2]Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (1988)(Martech Games)(128k)Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (1988)(Martech Games)(128k)[a]Night Breed (1990)(Ocean Software)Night Breed (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)Night Flite 1 (1982)(Hewson Consultants)Night Flite 2 (1983)(Hewson Consultants)Night Flite 2 (1983)(Hewson Consultants)[a]Night Gunner (1983)(Digital Integration)Night Gunner (1983)(Digital Integration)[a]Night Raider (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Night Raider (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Night Run (19xx)(Sinclair User)Night Shift (1990)(US Gold)(128k)Night Shift (1991)(US Gold)Night Shift (1991)(US Gold)[a]Night Sky, The (19xx)(-)Night Wing (19xx)(Zenobi Software)Nightmare (1986)(K'soft)Nightmare (1986)(K'soft)[a]Nightmare (1986)(K'soft)[a2]Nightmare Rally (1986)(Ocean Software)Nightshade (1985)(Ultimate)Nightshade (1985)(Ultimate)(Special)Nightshade (1985)(Ultimate)[a]Nihilist (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)Nim (19xx)(Cascade)Nine Hole Golf (19xx)(-)Nineteen - Part 1 Boot Camp For Sinclair User (19xx)(Cascade Games)Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)[a2]Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)(128k)Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)(128k)[a]Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)[a]Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)[a]Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)[a]Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)[a2]Ninja Scooter Simulator (1987)(Sysoft)Ninja Scooter Simulator (1987)(Sysoft)[a]Nitro Joe (1985)(Computer Kontakt)(De)Noah (1984)(Lotus Soft)Nodes Of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)Nodes Of Yesod (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)Nodes Of Yesod (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)Noglen 5 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)Non Compos Mentis 1 (1991)(Your Sinclair)Non Compos Mentis 1 (1991)(Your Sinclair)[a]Non Compos Mentis 2 - Pleasure Beyond Pain (1991)(Your Sinclair)Non Compos Mentis 2 - Pleasure Beyond Pain (1991)(Your Sinclair)[a]Nonamed (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)Nonterraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)Nonterraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)[a2]Norman (1988)(Power House)Norman's Lament (1990)(Zenobi Software)North American Indians (1983)(Calpac Educational Software)North American Indians (1983)(Calpac Educational Software)[a]Northstar (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Northstar (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Nosferatu The Vampyre (1986)(Macmillan)Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less (1987)(Domark)(128k)Not Lords Of Midnight (19xx)(-)Note Invaders - Staff 1 (1983)(Chalk Soft)Note Invaders - Staff 2 (1983)(Chalk Soft)Note Invaders (1983)(Chalk Soft)Notemaker (1983)(Sime)Notorik (1992)(Bytepack)(Cz)[t]Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)[Different 2]Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)[Different]Nous (19xx)(Hellenic)(Sp)Nowotnik Puzzle, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)Nth Zone (1985)(Automata UK)Nu, Pagadi (19xx)(Omega)(128k)(Cz)Nuclear Bowls (1986)(Diabolic)(Sp)Nuclear Bowls (1986)(Diabolic)(Sp)[a]Nuclear Countdown (1987)(Atlantis Software)Nuclear Countdown (1987)(Atlantis Software)[a]Nuclear Countdown (1987)(Atlantis Software)[a2]Nuclear Countdown (1987)(Atlantis Software)[a3]Nudge It (1985)(Automata UK)Nukescan (1983)(Minatron Computing)Nukescan (1983)(Minatron computing)[a]Number (1997)(CSSCGC)Number Bases (1985)(M. P. Biddell)Number Cruncher (19xx)(-)Number One (19xx)(-)Number Six In The Village (1987)(Zenobi Software)Nutty Gnome (1986)(Nigel Hicken)Nyitrai Basic Ban (1988)(Nyitrai)(128k)(UNK-LANG)Nyitrai Basic Ban (1998)(Nyitrai)(128k)(UNK-LANG)

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