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007 - Lord Bromley's Estate (1990)(Domark)007 - Lord Bromley's Estate (1990)(Domark)[a]007 - Lord Bromley's Estate (1990)(Domark)[a2]007 - Q's Armoury (1990)(Domark)007 - Q's Armoury (1990)(Domark)[a]100 KM Race (19xx)(Coyote Software)(It)100 Rutinas C.M (1985)(Iveson Software)(UNK-LANG)100 Rutinas C.M (1985)(Iveson Software)[a](UNK-LANG)10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)[a]10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)[a2]10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)[a3]10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)[a4]10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)[a5]15 OS (1998)(Nyitrai Laszlo)(Hu)16k Super Chess (1983)(CP Software)(16k)16k Super Chess (1983)(CP Software)(16k)[a]16k Super Chess (1983)(CP Software)(16k)[a2]180 (1986)(Mastertronic)180 (1986)(Mastertronic)(128k)180 (1986)(Mastertronic)[a2]180 (1986)(Mastertronic)[a3]180 (1986)(Mastertronic)[a4]180 (1986)(Mastertronic)[a5]180 (1986)(Mastertronic)[a6]19 Part 1 Boot Camp (1988)(Cascade Games)(128k)1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a]1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a2]1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a3]1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a4]1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a5]1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[a6]1942 Mission (1985)(Tartan Software)1942 Mission (1985)(Tartan Software)[a]1942 Mission (1985)(Tartan Software)[a2]1943 - The Battle Of Midway (1988)(Go - Capcom)1943 - The Battle Of Midway (1988)(Go - Capcom)[a]1943 - The Battle Of Midway (1988)(Go - Capcom)[a2]1943 - The Battle Of Midway (1988)(Go - Capcom)[a3]1984 - The Game Of Economic Survival (1983)(Incentive)1984 - The Game Of Economic Survival (1983)(Incentive)[a]1984 - The Game Of Economic Survival (1983)(Incentive)[a2]1985 (1985)(Mastertronic)1985 (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]1985 (1985)(Mastertronic)[a2]1985 (1985)(Mastertronic)[a3]1985 (1985)(Mastertronic)[t]1994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)1994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)[a]1994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)[a2]1994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)[a3]1994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)[a4]1999 (1987)(Alternative Software)1999 (1987)(Alternative Software)[a]1D Tetris (19xx)(-)1st Division Manager (1991)(Codemasters)1st Division Manager (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)2 Player Soccer Squad (1991)(Cult)20 Tons (1985)(Argus Press Software)2003 - A Space Oddity (1984)(DK'Tronics)2088 (1988)(Zeppelin Games)2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a2]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a3]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a4]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a5]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a6]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a7]2112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)[a8]2D Mini Maze (1996)(Mark Green)3 Deep Space (1984)(Postern)3 Deep Space (1984)(Postern)[a]3 Deep Space (1984)(Postern)[a2]3 Wymiary (1987)(Robert W Heron)(Pl)[a][English Translation is 3 Dimensions]3 Wymiary (1987)(Robert W Heron)(Pl)[a2][English Translation is 3 Dimension]3 Wymiary (1987)(Robert W Heron)(Pl)[English Translation is 3 Dimensions]3-D Golf (19xx)(-)(De)3-D Graph (19xx)(-)3-D Maze (1982)(Impact Software)3-D Maze (1982)(Impact Software)[a]3-D Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1983)(-)(UNK-LANG).Z803-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1983)(Orwin Software)(De)3-Deep Space (1984)(Postern Software)3-Deep Space (1984)(Postern Software)[a]3D Bat Attack (1984)(Cheetahsoft)3D Bat Attack (1984)(Cheetahsoft)[a]3D Chess (1983)(Psion)3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a]3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a2]3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a3]3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a4]3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a5]3D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)[a6]3D Defence (1987)(Empire Software)3D Defenda (1983)(M.J. Levers)3D Drac Man (1984)(Your Computer)3D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)3D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)(Sp)3D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)(Sp)[a]3D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)[a]3D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)[a2]3D Escape From Omicron (1984)(Andrew Quilley)3D Escape From Omicron (1984)(Andrew Quilley)[a]3D Grand Prix Championship (1991)(Ace Software)3D Grand Prix Championship (1991)(Ace Software)[a]3D Interceptor (1984)(Ventamatic)(Sp)3D Interceptor (1984)(Ventamatic)(Sp)[a]3D Irrgarten (1984)(J. Falkenberg)(De)3D Kit Game, The (1991)(Domark)3D Kit Game, The (1991)(Domark)[a]3D Labyrint (1989)(Busy Soft - Fuxoft)3D Labyrint (1989)(Busy Soft - Fuxoft)[a]3D Labyrinth (1982)(Colin Carruthers)(De)3D Labyrinth (1983)(-)(De)3D Labyrinth (1985)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)3D Labyrinth (19xx)(-)3D Lunattack (1984)(Hewson Consultants)3D Lunattack (1984)(Hewson Consultants)[a]3D Master Game - Instructions (1983)(Supersoft)3D Master Game - Instructions (1983)(Supersoft)[a]3D Master Game (1983)(Supersoft)3D Master Game (1983)(Supersoft)[a]3D Maze (19xx)(-)3D Maze Of Gold (1982)(Gilsoft International)3D Maze Of Gold (1982)(Gilsoft International)[a]3D Maze Of Gold (1982)(Gilsoft International)[a2]3D Maze Of Gold (1982)(Gilsoft International)[a3]3D Monster Chase (1984)(Romik Software)3D Monster Chase (1984)(Romik Software)[a]3D Naslov (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)3D Netz (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)3D Oxo (1983)(Oasis Software)3D Oxo (1983)(Oasis Software)[a]3D Oxo (1983)(Oasis Software)[a2]3D Pacman (1983)(Freddy Kristiansen)3D Painter (1983)(C.D.S. Microsystems)3D Painter (1983)(C.D.S. Microsystems)[b]3D Painter (1983)(C.D.S. Microsystems)[b2]3D Plot (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)3D Plotter (19xx)(Turk Ziga)3D Pool (19xx)(-)3D Pyramid (1983)(SAJ Broad)3D Quadracube (1983)(Artic Computing)3D Ravijn (1983)(PSS)(UNK-LANG)3D Ravijn (1983)(PSS)[a](UNK-LANG)3D Seiddab Attack (1983)(Hewson Consultants)3D Snooker (1990)(Players Premier)3D Space Wars (1983)(Hewson Consultants)3D Space Wars (1983)(Hewson Consultants)[a]3D Space Wars (1983)(Hewson Consultants)[a2]3D Space Wars (1983)(Hewson Consultants)[a3]3D Star Wars (1983)(Elfin Software)3D Star Wars (1983)(Elfin Software)[a]3D Starfighter (1988)(Codemasters)3D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)3D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)[a]3D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)[a2]3D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)[a3]3D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)[a4]3D Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)3D Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)[a]3D Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)[a2]3D Stock Car Championship (1988)(Firebird)3D Stock Car Championship (1988)(Firebird)[a]3D Stock Car Championship (1988)(Firebird)[a2]3D Stock Car Championship (1988)(Firebird)[a3]3D Stock Cars II (1992)(Challenge Software)3D Stock Cars II (1992)(Challenge Software)[a]3D Strategy - Game (1983)(Quicksilva)3D Strategy - Instructions (1983)(Quicksilva)3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a2]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a3]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a4]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a5]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a6]3D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)[a7]3D Tennis (19xx)(-)3D Tennis (19xx)(-)[a]3D Tennis (19xx)(-)[a2]3D Tennis (19xx)(-)[a3]3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)(Sp)3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)(UNK-LANG)3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)[a]3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)[a2]3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)[a3]3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)[a4]3D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)[a5]3D Vortex (1983)(Astral Software)3D Word (1983)(P. Monger)3D-Funktionen Und Grabber (1985)(Claus Jahn)(De)3DC (1987)(Hit Pak)3DC (1987)(Hit Pak)[a]3DC (1987)(Hit Pak)[a2]48 Irons (1995)(Galaxy)(128k)(Ru)4X4 Off Road Racing (1988)(US Gold)4X4 Off Road Racing (1988)(US Gold)[a]51 (1983)(Th. Dargell)(De)64 Zeichen (1986)(Zx Computing)(De)720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)[a]720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)[a2]720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)[a3]720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)[a4]747 Flight Simulator (1984)(DACC)747 Flight Simulator (1984)(DACC)[a]750cc Grand Prix (1991)(Codemasters)750cc Grand Prix (1991)(Codemasters)[a]750cc Grand Prix (1991)(Codemasters)[a2]911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)[a]911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)[a2]911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)[a3]

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