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R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)Race Fun (1983)(Rabbit Software)Race, The (demo) (1990)(Players Premier)Racing Manager (1983)(Virgin Games)Raider Of The Cursed Mine (1983)(Arcade Software)Ram (19xx)(Topo - Mircro Hobby)(Sp)Rambo (1985)(Ocean Software)Rambo III (demo) (1988)(Ocean Software)Rampage (1988)(Activision)[t]Rapede - The Centipede's Revenge (1983)(Visions Software)Rapscallion (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)Rasputin (1986)(Firebird)(128k)Rastan (1988)(Imagine Software)Raster Scan (1987)(Mastertronic)Rats, The (1985)(Hodder & Stoughton)Raumstation (19xx)(Robert Spahl)(De)Raw Recruit (1988)(Mastertronic)Rays (1987)(Tartan Software)Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)[a]Realm Of Impossibility (1985)(Ariolasoft)Realm Of Impossibility (1985)(Ariolasoft)(Sp)Realm Of The Undead (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Rebel (1987)(Virgin Games)Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)Rebelstar Raiders (1984)(Red Shift)Red Arrows (1985)(Alternative Software)Red Baron (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Red Baron (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a]Red Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)Red Hawk - Game (1986)(Melbourne House)Red Hawk - Prologue (1986)(Melbourne House)Red Heat (19xx)(Ocean Software)Red L.E.D. (1987)(Starlight)Red L.E.D. (1987)(Starlight)[a]Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)Red Weed (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Redcoats (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)Redcoats (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)[a]Renegade (1987)(Ocean Software)Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)Rentakill Rita (1987)(Mastertronic)Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[b][a][Part 1 of 2]Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[b][a][Part 2 of 2]Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[b][Part 1 of 2]Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)[b][Part 2 of 2]Rescue - Game (19xx)(CRL Group)Rescue (19xx)(Mastertronic)Return of the Jedy (19xx)(M.K. Circuits)Return To Ithaca (1985)(Atlantis Software)Reversi (1983)(CDS Microsystems)Reversi (19xx)(-)Reversi (19xx)(-)(De)Rex - Preview for Your Sinclair (demo) (1988)(Martech Games)Rex (1988)(Martech Games)(Side A)Reyes Y Castillos (1984)(Special Soft)(Sp)Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)Rick Dangerous II (1991)(CORE)Ricostruzione (19xx)(-)(It)Rider (19xx)(Oz Software)Rifle Range (1984)(Mastertronic)Rik The Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)Riko Sphere (1991)(Your Sinclair)Ring Of Darkness, The (1983)(Wintersoft)River Raid (1984)(Activision)River Raid (1984)(Activision)[a]River Rescue (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)River Rescue (1984)(Creative Sparks)Road Frog (1983)(Spectrum Games)Road Racer (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)Road Runner (1983)(Protek Computing)Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)[a]Road Toad (1983)(Elfin Software)Robber (1983)(Virgin Games)Robin Hood (1984)(TS Software)Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 1 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 2 of 3]Robin Of Sherlock (1985)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)[Part 3 of 3]Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)[a]Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)[t +3]Robon (1983)(Softek Software)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)[a]Robot Rumpus (1984)(Atlantis Software)Robotron 2084 (1984)(Atarisoft)Robozone (1991)(Image Works)Rock 'n' Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)Rock 'n' Roller (1989)(Dinamic Soft)(Sp)Rock 'n' Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)Rocket Raider (19xx)(C Tech)Rockford (1987)(Mastertronic)Rockman (1985)(Mastertronic)Rodeo Games Demo (demo) (1989)(TyneSoft)Rogue (1988)(Mastertronic)Roller Coaster (1985)(Elite Systems)Rommel's Revenge (1983)(Crystal Computing)Runes Of Zendos, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)

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