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Jack & The Beanstalk (1984)(Thor Computer Software)Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (1985)(Alligata Software)Jack The Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)Jack The Nipper 2 - Coconut Capers (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)Jackal (1986)(Konami)Jackson City (1990)(Diabolic Software)(Sp)Jade Necklace, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)Jail Break (1983)(B. Williams)Jail Break (1986)(Konami)Jason's Gem (1985)(Mastertronic)Jasper (1984)(Micromega)Jaws (1989)(Screen 7)Jawz (1983)(DK'Tronics)Jellyman (1983)(Sinclair Programs)Jerrybuilder (1984)(Ron Ridge)Jerusale (19xx)(-)Jet Set Gertie (1985)(Pete Cooke & Rusell Rawlingson)Jet Set Willy - In Space (1997)(Halsoft)Jet Set Willy - Ivy (1998)(Filsoft)Jet Set Willy - Join The Jet Set (1985)(Halsoft)[t]Jet Set Willy - The Continuing Adventures SE (1998)(Adam Britton)Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)Jet Set Willy 128 (1996)(John Elliot)Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier (1985)(Software Projects)Jet Set Willy Editor (19xx)(-)(De)Jet Set Willy Editor (19xx)(-)[b]Jet Set Willy Editor v1 (1984)(Spectrum Electronics)Jet Set Willy Editor v1 (1984)(Spectrum Electronics)[a]Jet-Story (1988)(Cybexlab Software)Jetpac (1983)(Ultimate)Jetsons, The (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)Jewels Of Babylon, The (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)Jock And The Time Rings (1985)(Atlantis Software)Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts (1991)(Zepplin Games)Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge (1989)(Zeppelin Games)Joe Blade (1987)(Players Premier)Joe Blade (1987)(Players Premier)[a]Joe Blade 2 (demo) (1987)(Players Premier)Joe Blade 3 (1989)(Players Premier)(128k)Joe Blade 4 (1991)(Players Premier)Joe Blade 4 (1991)(Players Premier)[a]Jogger (1984)(Severn Software)Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)Joker (1982)(Flowchart)Jokers Wild (1984)(Phoenix Software)Jolly Roger (1984)(Video Vault)Jon The Jani (1985)(Your Computer)Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)[a]Jonny Quest In Doctor Zin's Underworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)Journey's End (1985)(Games Workshop)Joust (1983)(Softek Software)Joust (1983)(Softek Software)[a]Joy Graph (1985)(Ltd)Joystick Conversion Tape 3 (1983)(Kempsoft)Joystick Issue 1 (1987)(-)Joystick Issue 2 (1987)(-)Joystick Issue 4 (1987)(-)Jp Clone (1984)(Jp)Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)[a]Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)[a2]Juggernaut (1985)(CRL Group)Juggernaut (1985)(CRL Group)[a]Juggly (1985)(Jorgen Bech)Julius Caesar (19xx)(Penguin Study Software)JumBert (1986)(Norbert Roescher)Jumbo Stoomlok 3737 (1984)(Aackosoft)(Du)Jumping Jack (1983)(Imagine Software)Jungle Fever (1983)(A & F Software)Jungle Trouble (1983)(Durell)Jungle Warfare - Joystick (1989)(Mastertronic)Jungle Warfare - Lightgun (1989)(Mastertronic)Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)[a]Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)[t]Just Imagine (1986)(Central Solutions)

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