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N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)[t]Na Balkanu Nista Novo (1989)(Samir Ribic & Zeljko Juric)(Bo)Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)Narco Police (1991)(Rajsoft)Narco Police (1991)(Rajsoft)[a]Necks Please (1985)(Automata UK)Necris Dome, The (1987)(Codemasters)Ned's Garden (1985)(Argus Press Software)Nemesis - The Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)Nemesis (1990)(Activision)Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)Netherworld (19xx)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)Neverending Story II (1990)(Warner Bros.)New Wheels John (1985)(Automata UK)New Year 1985 (1984)(Samir Ribic)(UNK-LANG)New York Warriors (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[a]Nexus (1986)(Ocean Software)Nezvestny - 007 (1990)(Predator Software)(Cz)Nicotine Nightmare (1985)(Atlantis Software)Nigel Mansell's World Championship (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Night Flite 2 (1983)(Hewson Consultants)Night Raider (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Night Shift (19xx)(US Gold)(128k)Night Sky, The (19xx)(-)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[a]Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)Ninja Master, The (1986)(Firebird)Ninja Scooter Simulator (1988)(Firebird)Ninja Spirit (19xx)(Activision)Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Virgin Games)NO 1 (19xx)(Bug-Byte Software)Nodes Of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)Nonterraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)[a]North & South (19xx)(Infogrames)(128k)Northstar (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)[t]Nosferatu The Vampyre (1986)(Alternative Software)Nowotnik Puzzle, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)Nth Zone (1985)(Automata UK)Number Fun (1982)(Griffin Software)[Part 1 of 2]Number Fun (1982)(Griffin Software)[Part 2 of 2]Number Painter (1984)(Psion)

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