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H.A.R.D. - Heavy Armed Roboid Destroyer (1986)(Tynesoft)H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)[a]Habilit (1988)(Iber Soft)(Sp)Hack (19xx)(Jon & Ritchie)[b]Hacker (1985)(Activision)Hacker 2 - The Doomsday Papers (1987)(Activision)Hacker's Graphic (1986)(Denis & Gandalf Software)Hades Nebula (1987)(Nexus)Halaga (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)Halaga (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)[a]Half Hours (19xx)(-)Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic)[Part 1 of 2]Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic)[Part 2 of 2]Hammer Of Grimmold v2, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)[a]Hampstead (1984)(Melbourne House)Handy Andy (1984)(CRL Group)Hanoi King (1983)(Contrast Software)Happelaar (19xx)(-)(Du)Happiest Days Of Your Life, The (1986)(Firebird)Hard Cheese (1983)(DK'Tronics)Hard Cheese (1983)(DK'Tronics)[b]Hard Copy v1.1 (1987)(Jozef Vavrinec)Hard Drivin' (1989)(Domark)(128k)Hardball (1986)(Advance Software)Hare Raiser - Finale (1984)(Haresoft)Hare Raiser (1984)(Haresoft)[b]Harlequin (1984)(Mr Micro)Harrier Attack (1983)(Durell)Harvey Headbanger (1986)(Firebird)Haunted Hedges (1983)(Micromega)Haunted House (1992)(Your Sinclair)Havoc (1984)(Dynavision)Havoc (1990)(Players Premier)Hawk Storm (1990)(Players Premier)Hawks (1984)(Lotus-Soft)Head Over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)Head Start (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)Header Designer (1984)(Reinhart Wittkopf)Header Editor (1985)(Zbysek Bahensky)Headerlist (1984)(Z. Kosina)Headlights (1987)(Greyfriars)Heartland (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)Heathrow Radar (1985)(Hewson Consultants)Heavy On The Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)Heavy On The Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)[a]Heavy Weight (19xx)(-)Hebrew Word Processor (1984)(-)Heli-Land (19xx)(-)Helikopter (19xx)(-)(De)Helikopter (19xx)(Jansoft)(De)Hellfire (1985)(Melbourne House)Hellfire (1985)(Melbourne House)[a]Hellfire Attack (1989)(Martech Games)Hellfire Attack (1989)(Martech Games)[a]Helter Skelter (1990)(Audiogenic Software)Helvera - Mistress Of The Park (19xx)(FSF Adventures)Henry IV Part One (19xx)(Penguin Study Software)Henry's Hoard (1985)(Alternative Software)Herbert's Dummy Run (1985)(Mikro-Gen)Hercules - Slayer Of The Damned (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)Hercules (1986)(Alpha Omega)Hercules (19xx)(-)Here Be Tygers (1985)(Automata UK)Here Comes The Sun (1983)(Alligata Software)Hero (1984)(Activision)Hero (1984)(Activision)[a]Hero Quest - Return Of The Witch Lord (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)Heroes Of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)Heroes Of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)[a]Heroes Of The Lance (1988)(US Gold)Hex Loader (1983)(FV)Hexagonal Museum (19xx)(16 - 48k Magazine)Hexxagon (1994)(Rok Software)Hi Q Quiz (1989)(Blue Ribbon)Hideous (1992)(Alternative Software)High Noon (1983)(Abbex Electronics)High Noon (1983)(Abbex Electronics)[a]High Steel (1989)(Screen 7)Highlander (1986)(Ocean Software)Highrise Harry (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)Highrise Harry (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)[a]Highway Code (1984)(Rose Software)Highway Code Test (19xx)(CRL Group)Highway Encounter (1985)(Vortex Software)Hijack (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)HiSoft Basic v1.0 (1986)(HiSoft)HiSoft Basic v1.0 (1986)(HiSoft)[a]HiSoft Basic v1.0 (1986)(HiSoft)[Bugfixed]HiSoft C Compiler v1.0 (1984)(Hisoft)HiSoft C Compiler v1.1 (1984)(Hisoft)HiSoft Colt Compiler v1 (1985)(Hisoft)Hisoft Pascal 4 (1982)(HiSoft)Hisoft Pascal 4 v1.5 (1982)(Hisoft)Hisoft Pascal 4t v1.5m (1984)(Hisoft)Hisoft Pascal 4t v1.6m (1984)(Hisoft)Hisoft Pascal Modules (1984)(Artur Matuzevski)Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, The (1985)(Estuary Software Products)Hive (1986)(Capsoft & Softy)Hlasovy Program Pro Zx Spectrum (1985)(Voicesoft)(Cz)Hobbit v1.0, The (1982)(Melbourne House)Hobbit v1.2, The (1982)(Melbourne House)Hobble Hunter, The (1989)(Compass)Hobgoblin (1991)(Atlantis Software)[t]Hoellensturz (19xx)(-)(De)Hollywood Poker (1988)(Players Premier)Hooper (19xx)(Microhobby)Hopper (1983)(PSS)Hopper (1983)(PSS)[b]Hoppin' Mad (1988)(Elite Systems)Horace & The Spiders (1983)(Psion)Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Psion)Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Psion)[a]Horizons (1982)(Psion)Horny Harry (19xx)(X-Rated Software)Horoskop (19xx)(-)(De)Hostages (1990)(Infogrames)(128k)Hot Dog Spotter (1983)(Longman)Hot Rod Cars (1984)(Paul Butcher)Hot-Rod (1990)(Activision)Hotch Potch (1985)(Mastertronic)Hotfoot (1982)(Microsphere)Hours Of The Day, The (19xx)(-)House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)[a]House Of Orion (1984)(D. Newton)House Of The Living Dead, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)House On Damned Hill, The (1984)(Century City Software)Houses (1983)(Widgit Software)Hover Droid (1987)(Stew Fordyce)Hoverkraft (1985)(Andreas Zallmann Software)(De)How To Be A Complete Bastard (1987)(Virgin Games)How To Be A Hero (1987)(Mastertronic)Howzat (1984)(Alternative Software)HRH (1986)(8th Day Software)Hudson Hawk (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)Human Killing Machine (1988)(US Gold)Hummer House Of Horror (1983)(Lasersound Software)Humphrey (1988)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)Humpty Dumpty (1984)(Firefly Software)Humpty Dumpty In The Garden (1984)(Artic Computing)Humpty Dumpty Meets The Fuzzie Wuzzies (1984)(Artic Computing)Humpty Dumpty Mystery, The (1983)(Widgit Software)Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)[a]Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (1985)(Ocean Software)Hunchy (1983)(Your Computer)Hundra (1987)(Dinamic)Hundra (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)Hundra (1987)(Dinamic)[a]Hungry Horace (1982)(Psion)Hungry Horace (1982)(Psion)[a]Hunt For Red October, The (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)Hunt For Red October, The (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)(128k)[t]Hunt For Red October, The (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)[a]Hunter Killer (1983)(Protec Computing)HURG (1984)(Melbourne House)HURG (1984)(Melbourne House)[a]Hustler Plays Pool, The (1983)(CRL Group)Hybrid (1987)(Ariolasoft UK)Hydra (1991)(Domark)(128k)Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)Hypaball (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)Hyper Active (1988)(Sinclair User)Hyper Sports (1985)(Imagine Software)Hyperbowl (1986)(Mastertronic)Hyperbowl (1986)(Mastertronic)[a]Hyperlane+ (1990)(Enigma Tape Magazine)Hysteria - A Year After Mix (1987)(Software Projects)Hysteria - Thalbert Dock Mix (1987)(Software Projects)Hysteria (1987)(Software Projects)

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