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Wacky Funsters (1993)(Tsunami Games)Wacky Funsters (1996)(Tsunami Games)Wacky Kart Pre-Release (1994)(Copysoft)Wacky Wheels (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Wacky Wheels (1994)(Beavis Soft)Wall Pipe (1993)(William Soleau)Wall Street Raider (1998)(Ronin Software)Walls Of Rome (1993)(Mindcraft)Walls Of Rome (1993)(Mindcraft)(Rev1)War College, The (1996)(GameTek)War In The Middle Earth (1989)(Melbourne House)War Of The Lance (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)War Wizard (1994)(Micro Genesis)War Wizard v2.3 (1996)(Microgenesis)Warcraft 2 Addon Morecraft (1996)(Blizzard)Warcraft 2 Beyond The Dark Portal (1996)(Blizzard Entertainment)Warcraft 2 More War The Return of the Horde (1996)(X treme)Warcraft 2 Tides Of Darkness (1995)(Blizzard Entertainment)Warcraft Orcs And Humans (1994)(Blizzard Entertainment)Warcraft Orcs And Humans 1.2 (1994)(Blizzard Entertainment)Wargame Construction Set 2 Tanks (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Warlords (1990)(Ssg Strategic Studies Group)Warlords 2 (1993)(SSG)Warlords 2 (1993)(SSG)(Rev1)Warlords 2 Deluxe (1995)(SSG)Warlords 2 With Scenerio Builder (1993)(SSG)Warrior Of Doom Beta (1994)(Beta)Warriors CD (1995)(Mindscape)Warriors Of Legend (1993)(Synergistic Software)Wasteland (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)Waxworks (1992)(Accolade)Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA Stars (1995)(Time-Warner Interactive)Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 (1990)(Bethesda Softworks)Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3 (1992)(Bethesda Softworks)Waynes World (1993)(Capstone Software)Ween The Prophecy (1993)(Sierra Online)Ween The Prophecy (1993)(Sierra Online)(F)Weird Dreams (1989)(Medalist International)Welltris (1989)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Wembley Rugby League (1994)(Audiogenic)Were Back A Dinosaurs Story (1993)(Hi Tech Expressions)Werewolf KA 50 Multiplayer (1995)(Nova Logic)West Adventure (1994)(Panda Software)Whales Voyage (1993)(Max Design)Wheel Of Fortune (1987)(Sharedata Inc)When Two Worlds War (1993)(Impressions Games)Where In Americas Past Is Carmen Sandiego (1991)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In Europe Is Carmen Sandiego (1988)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In Space Is Carmen Sandiege Enhanced (1993)(Broderbund)Where In The Usa Is Carmen Sandiego (1986)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Edition (1990)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Enhanced (1991)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Original Install (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Whizz (1995)(Flair)Wibarm (1989)(Broderbund)Wild Science Arcade (1993)(Artech)Will Of God (1993)(Peter Melchart)Williams Arcade Classics (1995)(Midway)Willow (1987)(Mindscape Inc)Willy The Worm (1985)(Alan Farmer)Win Lose Or Draw (1988)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)Windwalker (1989)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander - Armada (1993)(Origin Systems)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin)(Rev1)Wing Commander 2 Vengeance Of The Kilrathi (1991)(Origin)Wing Commander Academy (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Academy (1993)(Origin)Wing Commander Academy Speech Pack (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Armada (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Privateer (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Wing Commander Privateer Righteous Fire (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Privateer Speech Pack (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Wing Commander The Secret Missions (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Star (1996)(Interactivision)Wings Of Fury (1987)(Broderbund Software Inc)Winnie The Pooh In Hundred Acres Wood (1985)(Sierra Online)Winter Olympics Lillehammer 94 (1993)(US Gold)Winter Olympics Original Install (1993)(US Gold)Winter Sports CD v1.0 (1995)(Mindscape)Wipeout (1995)(Psygnosis)(F)Wipeout CD (1995)(Psygnosis)Wishbringer (1985)(Infocom)Witchhaven 1 (1995)(Capstone Software)Witchhaven 2 (1996)(Capstone)Witness (1983)(Infocom)Wizard (1994)(Psygnosis)Wizard Games Of Scotland (1994)(New Era Software)Wizard Retail (1994)(Psygnosis)Wizard Warz (1987)(Go)Wizardry 1 Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overlord (1981)(Sir Tech)Wizardry 2 The Knight Of Diamonds (1982)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizardry 3 The Legacy Of Llylgamyn (1985)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizardry 4 The Return Of Werdna (1987)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizardry 5 Heart Of The Maelstrom (1988)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizardry 6 Bane Of The Cosmic Forge (1990)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizardry 7 Crusaders Of The Dark Savant (1992)(Sir Tech Software Inc)Wizards Castle The (1981)(International Pc Owners)Wizards Crown (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Wizardy 6 (1990(Sirtech Software)Wizardy 7 (1992)(Sirtech Software)Wizball (1987)(Ocean)Wizkid The Story Of Wizball II (1992)(Ocean)Wolf (1994)(Sanctuary Woods Inc Us Gold)Wolfenstein 3d (1992)(Activision Publishing Inc)Wolfenstein 3D Addon 800 levels plus Mods (1994)(Apogee Software)Wolfenstein 3D Bloody Edition Mod (1993)(Apogee Software)Wolfenstein 3D Enhanced Mod (1993)(Apogee Software)Wolfenstein 3d Mortal Kombat Edition (1993)(Digital Masters)Wolfenstein 3D New Levels (1994)(The Kid)WolfPack (1990)(NovaLogic)Wolfsbane (1995)(Merit Studios)(M5)Wonderland (1990)(Avalon Interactive)Wooden Ships and Iron Men (1996)(Avalon Hill)Word Rescue (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd)Word Tris (1991)(Freeware)World Championship Boxing Manager (1990)(Krisalis Software Ltd)World Class Leader Board (1987)(Access Software Inc)World Class Rugby 95 (1995)(Audiogenic Software)World Class Rugby Five Nations Edition (1992)(Audiogenic Software)World Cup 94 (1994)(US Gold)(M4)World Cup Year (1994)(Empire Software)World Games (1986)(K Byte)World Hockey 95 (1995)(Merit Studios)(M5)World Rally Fever Born On The Road (1996)(Team 17)World Tour Golf (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)World Tour Tennis (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)World Trophy Soccer (1989)(Novotrade)World War 2 Zero Fighter (1994)(Koei)(Chinese)World War II Battles of the South Pacific (1993)(QQP)Worlds Of Legend Son Of The Empire (1993)(Mindscape Inc)Worlds Of Ultima The Savage Empire (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Worlds Of Ultima The Savage Empire (1990)(Origin)Worms (1995)(Team 17)(Rev1)Worms Plus (1996)(Team 17)Wrath of Earth (1995)(Transend)Wrath of Earth Speech Addon (1995)(Transend)Wrath Of The Demon (1990)(Readysoft Incorporated)Wreckin Crew (1997)(Telstar)Wwf European Rampage Tour (1995)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)WWF In Your House (1996)(Acclaim)WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (1995)(Acclaim Entertainment)

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