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Cadaver (1990)(Bitmap Brothers)Cadaver 2 The Payoff (1993)(The Bitmap Brothers)Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)(Rev)Caesar 2 (1996)(Impressions)Caesar II (1996)(Sierra Online)California Games (1987)(Epyx)California Games II (1990)(Epyx)Campaign 2 (1993)(Empire)Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment)Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment)(Rev)Cannon Fodder (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Cannon Fodder (1994)(Avalon Interactive)Cannon Fodder (1995)(Virgin)[Plus Docs]Cannon Fodder 1 (1993)(Sensible Software)(G)Cannon Fodder 2 (1994)(Avalon Interactive)Cannon Fodder Final Release (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Canyon Capers (1993)(Villa Crespo)Capitalism (1995)(Interactive Magic)Capitalism Scenario Add On (1995)(Interactive Magic)Captain Comic 2 Fractured Reality (1990)(Michael Denio)Captain Comic II Fractured Reality (1990)(Computereasy)Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)Captive (1990)(Mindscape Inc)Car And Driver (1992)(Looking Glass Technologies)Cardboard Ace, The (1994)(Light Storm)[card catalog]CardMania Pokio and Quintoon (1994)(The Jumping Bean Company)Cargo Bay Deluxe (1995)(MVP Software)Carlos (1994)(Microids)Carriers at War 2 (1994)(SSG)Carriers at War 2 Operation Pedestal Scenario Update (1994)(Ralls, Andy)Carriers At War Construction Kit (1993)(SSG)Casino Games (1982)(Ibm)Castle (1984)(Kevin Bales)Castle Adventure (1985)(Kevin Bale)Castle Master (1990)(Domark)Castle Master 2 The Crypt (1990)(Domark)Castle Of Dr Brain (1991)(Sierra Online)Castle Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee)Castle Wolfenstein (1984)(Muse Software)Castles (1991)(Interplay)Castles (1991)(Interplay)(Rev)Castles II Siege And Conquest (1992)(Interplay)Castles The Northern Campaign (1991)(Interplay)Castlevania (1990)(Konami)Catacomb 3D Adventure Compilation, The (1993)(CDV)(De)Catacomb Abyss (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)Catch Em (1989)(Edson Software)Catch Em (1994)(Megadream Software)Catcher (1994)(Nikita)Cave Wars (1996)(Avalon Hill)Caveman Ugh Lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)Caverns Of Kroz (1988)(Apogee)Caverns Of Kroz 2 (1989)(Apogee)Cd Man (1992)(Creative Dimensions)Cd Man 2 (1994)(Creative Dimensions)Celtic Tales Balor of the Evil Eye (1995)(Koei)Centurion Defender Of Rome (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Chain Reaction (1996)(Webfoot Technologies Inc)Chamber Of The Sci Mutant Priestess (1989)(Data East)Champ Asteroids (1993)(Champeau)Champ Centipede (1993)(Champeau)Champ Ms Pacman v1.1 (1995)(Champ)Champions Of Krynn (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Championship Manager (1992)(Domark)Championship Manager 2 (1995)(Domark)(S)Championship Manager 2 96-97 (1996)(Eidos)Championship Manager 2 Danish League (1996)(Eidos)Championship Manager 2 Italian League (1996)(Eidos)Championship Manager 2 Italian League (1996)(Eidos)(Rev)Championship Manager 2 Norwegin League (1996)(Eidos)Championship Manager 2 Swedish League (1996)(Eidos)Championship Manager 94 (1994)(Domark)Championship Manager 97 To 98 (1997)(Eidos Inc)Championship Manager Italia (1995)(Domark)Chaos Engine (1993)(Renegade Software)Charlie the Clown (1995)(Schenk and Horn)(En-De)Cheats And Patches (1994)(Dox)Chess (1981)(Mc Rakaska)Chess 88 (1984)(Don Berg)(Rev2)Chess 88 (1988)(Don Berg)Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 (1993)(Spectrum Holobyte)Chessmaster 2000 (1986)(Software Toolworks)Chessmaster 2100 (1988)(Software Toolworks)Chi Bii War (1995)(Chinese)Chicago 90 (1989)(Mc2 Microids)Chickens 2 (1998)(Martin Magnusson)Chickens 3 (2000)(Frey Development)Chill Manor (1996)(Simon and Schuster)Choo Choo Minder (1994)(Nikita)Chopper Commando (1989)(Gatecom)Chopper Duel (1993)(Addict)Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)(Rev)Circuits Edge (1990)(Infocom)Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works)City Hunter (1993)(Chinese)Civil War (1997)(Dagger Interactive Technologies)Civil War, The (1995)(Empire Interactive)Civilization Master Edition (1993)(Microprose Software)Civilization Russian Edition (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)Clash of Steel The Future Edition (1995)(SSI)Classic Concentration (1986)(Sydex)Classic Concentration (1988)(Sharedata Inc)Classic Concentration 2 (1989)(Sharedata Inc)Classic Five, The Chess Backgammon Bridge Checkers Go (1993)(Interplay)Clif Danger (1996)(New Generation Software)Clockwiser Time Is Running Out (1994)(Rasputin Software)Clue, The (1994)(Neo Software)Clydes Revenge (1995)(Moonlight Software)Cn (1991)(Anonymous)Coachs Club NFL Football (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Coaster (1993)(Disney Software)Coaster (Install)(1993)(Disney Software)Coaster Screensaver (1994)(Road Scholar)Codebreaker (1994)(Pressman Toy Corporation)Codename Iceman (1989)(Sierra Online)College Slam (1996)(Acclaim Entertainment)Colonels Bequest (1989)(Sierra Online)Color Balls (1996)(The Elite Crew)Color Lines Russian (1992)(Renmak)Colorado (1990)(Silmarils)Colored Lines (1992)(Gamos Ltd)Columbus Discovery (1993)(Gamus)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Nova Logic)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic Inc)Comanche Maximum Overkill Datadisk 1 (1993)(Novalogic)Comanche Maximum Overkill Over The Edge Datadisk (1993)(Novalogic)Comanche Rah-66 v2.0 Multiplayer (1995)(Nova Logic)Combat Air Patrol (1995)(Psygnosis)Comedy Adventure Pack (1995)(Activision)Commanche_RAH66-HYBRIDCommand and Conquer (1995)(Westwood Studios)Command and Conquer Red Alert (1996)(Westwood Studios)Command and Conquer The Eye of Domination (1996)(Westwood)Commander Keen 1 Marooned On Mars (1990)(Apogee Software)Commander Keen 2 The Earth Explodes (1990)(Apogee Software)Commander Keen 2000 (2000)(Apogee Software)Commander Keen 3 Keen Must Die (1990)(Apogee Software)Commander Keen 4 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Commander Keen 4 Secret Of The Oracle (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Commander Keen 5 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)(Rev)Commander Keen 6 Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991)(Formgen)Commander Keen Dreams (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)Commando (1985)(Data East)Companions Of Xanth (1993)(Legend Entertainment Company)Complete Onside Soccer (1996)(Telstar)Conan The Cimmerian (1991)(Avalon Interactive)Conqueror AD 1086 Addon (1995)(Sierra)Conquest (1983)(Windmill Software)Conquest of the New World (1996)(Interplay)Conquest of the New World Deluxe (1996)(Interplay)Conquests Of Camelot The Search For The Grail (1990)(Sierra Online)Conquests Of The Longbow The Legend Of Robin Hood (1993)(Sierra Online)Conspiracy CD (1995)(Virgin)Contraption Zack (1992)(Presage)Cool Spot (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Cool Spot Original Install (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Cool World (1992)(Ocean)Corewar Plus (1991)(Stefan Strack)Corner 57 (1988)(Genus Microprogramming Inc)Corporation (1990)(Avalon Interactive)Corridor 7 Alien Invasion (1995)(Capstone Software)Corruption (1988)(Rainbird Software)Corsarios (1991)(Operasoft)Cosmic Space-Head (1993)(Codemasters)Cosmos Cosmic Adventure Forbidden Planet (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd)Cougar Force (1990(Coktel Vision)Countdown (1990)(Access Software Inc)Cover Girls Strip Poker (1992)(Emotional Pictures)Crack Of Doom The (1989)(Atari Inc)Crackers (1990)(The Corner Crackers)Crash Garret (1987)(Informatiove)Crazy Cars (1987)(Titus)Crazy Cars 2 (1989)(Titus Interactive)Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus)Crazy Circus (1995)(German)Crazy Cows (1998)(Runt Time)Crazy Nicks Pick King Grahams Board Game Challenge (1993)(Sierra Online)Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow (1993)(Sierra Online)Crazy Nicks Pick Robin Hoods Game Of Skill And Chance (1993)(Sierra Online)Crazy Nicks Pick Roger Wilcos Spaced Out Game Pack (1993)(Sierra Online)Creepers (1992)(Psygnosis)Cribbage (1989)(Th Turner)Crime City (1992)(Impressions Games)Crime Wave (1990)(Access Software Inc)Crisis In The Kremlin (1991)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Croisiere Pour Un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine Software)Crossfire (1982)(Sierra Online)Crossword (1987)(G Doc)Crown (1990)(Starbyte)Cruise For A Corpse (1991)(Delphine Software)Crusade The Fight for Power (1996)(Greenwood Entertainment)Crusader No Regret (1996)(Origin)Crusader No Remorse (1995)(Origin)Crux (1991)(Microlink)Crystal Caves (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Crystal Caves 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Crystal Caves 3 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Crystal Caves Compilation (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Crystal Maze, The (1994)(Sherston)Crystals Of Arborea (1990)(Silmarils)Cubix 1.0 (1996)(Jean Guy Lavallee)Curse (1995)(Queen Soft)Curse Of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design Ltd)Curse of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design)Curse Of The Azure Bonds (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Curse of the Catacombs (1993)(Froggman)Custers Last Command (1995)(Incredible Simulation)Cyber Empires (1993)(SSI)Cyber Guardian (1996)(Cross Studio)Cyber Race (1993)(Cyberdreams)Cyber Race 1.22 (1993)(Cyberdreams)Cyberbykes Shadow Racer VR (1995)(Gametek)Cyberbykes Shadow Racer VR (1995)(Gametek)[installed]CyberChess (1993)(Softdisk Publishing)Cyberdogs (1997)(Ronny Wester)Cybergenic Ranger Secret of the Seventh Planet (1994)(Symtus Corporation)Cybermage (1995)(Origin)Cyclones (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Cylindrix (1996)(Goldtree Enterprises)Cyrus (1985)(Intelligent Chess Software)

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