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M Labyrinth (1993)(Gamos)M-Chess Professional V3.5 (1994)(-)M1 Tank Platoon (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)M1 Tank Platoon (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Macadam Bumper (1987)(Kingsoft)MacDonald Land (1993)(Virgin)Mach 3 (1987)(Loriciel)Machiavelli The Prince (1995)(Holistic Design)Machines, The (1995)(Merit Studios)Mad News (1994)(Ikarion Software GmbH)Mad Tv (1991)(Rainbow Arts)Mad Tv (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(rev)Madball (1985)(Microtec)Madden Football 97 (1996)(Electronic Arts)Madspace (1997)(Maddox Games)Maelstrom (1992)(Merit Studios)Mag Das Magazin (1996)(Greenwood Entertainment Software Gmbh)(G)Magic Boy (1994)(Blue Turtle)Magic Candle (1989)(Mindcraft)Magic Candle 3 (1992)(Mindcraft)Magic Candle II The Four And Forty (1990)(Mindcraft)Magic Candle The (1989)(Mindcraft)Magic Carpet (1994)(Bullfrog Productions)Magic Carpet (1994)(Bullfrog Productions)(Rev1)Magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds (1995)(Bullfrog Productions)Magic Johnson Basketball (1989)(Mastertronic)Magic Pockets (1992)(Bitmap Brothers)Magic Pockets (1992)(Renegade Software)Magicland Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)Magnetik Tank (1986)(Loriciel)Magnetik Tank (1986)(Loriciel)(F)Mahjong (1992)(Freeware)Major League Baseball 2 (1989)(Osgood Slaughter)Major Stryker (1993)(Apogee Software Ltd)Malaga (1987)(Kultur)Manchester United The Double (1995)(Krisalis)Manfred von Krashenberns Flying Circus (1994)(Cosmi)Manhole (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Manhunter 1 New York (1988)(Sierra Online)Manhunter 1 New York (1988)(Sierra Online)(Rev)Manhunter 2 San Francisco (1989)(Evryware)Manhunter 2 San Francisco (1989)(Sierra Online)Maniac Mansion (1987)(Lucas Arts)Maniac Mansion (1988)(Lucas Arts)Marble Madness (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Marriage (1992)(Afcomputers)Martian Memorandum (1991)(Access Software Inc)Masque Blackjack 1.1 (1988)(Masque Publishing)Master Levels For Doom II (1995)(Id Software)Master Of Magic (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Master Of Magic Enhanced (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Master Of Orion (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)Master Of Orion 1.3 (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)Master Of Orion 2 Battle At Antares (1996)(Microprose Software Inc)Master Of Orion Original Install (1994)(Simtex)Mastermind (1990)(Hasbro)Mastermind (1990)(Hvb)Match of the Day Soccer Champs (1994)(Zeppelin)Match Point Tennis (1988)(Imagic)Matchit (1996)(Philippe Melleret)(F)Math Rabbit VGA (1993)(The Learning Company)Math Rescue Episode 2 And 3 (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd)Mathtrix (1995)(Point Of View Computing)Matterhorn Screamer (1988)(Disney)Maupiti Island (1990)(Lankhor)MAX (1996)(InterPlay)Maxgame (1985)(Max Acid)Maximum Roadkill (1996)(Take 2 Interactive)Mcdonald Land (1992)(Freeware)Mean 18 (1987)(Accolade)Mean Mini Golf (1992)(Johnathon Lexa)Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software Inc)Mech War (1992)(Klaus Breuer)Mech Warrior (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc)Mech Warrior 2 CD (1995)(Activision)Mech Warrior 2 Ghost Bears Legacy (1995)(Activision)Mech Warrior 2 Mercenaries (1996)(Activision)Mega Lo Mania (1991)(New World Computing)Mega Lo Mania (1992)(New World Computing)Mega Man (1990)(Capcom)Mega Man 3 (1992)(Capcom)Mega Maze (1995)(CapDisk)Megadestroyer Frantis 2 (1993)(Russian)Megafortress (1991)(Three Sixty)Megaman X (1995)(Capcom)Megapede (1992)(Dom Early)Megatraveller 1 The Zhodani Conspiracy (1989)(Paragon Software)Megatraveller 2 Quest For The Ancients (1991)(Paragon Software)Menzoberranzan (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Merchant Prince (1993)(QQP)Merchant Prince (1996)(Talonsoft)Merlin (1994)(Digital Integration)Metal and Lace The Battle of the Robo-babes (1993)(MegaTech)Metal Gear (1987)(Konami)Metal Marines (1994)(Mindscape Inc)Metal Mutant (1986)(Silmarils)Metal Mutants (1991)(Silmarils)Metal Rage (1996)(Titus Software)Metal Tech Earth Siege Cdrom (1994)(Sierra Online)Metaltech Battledrome (1995)(Dynamix)Metaltech Battledrome CD (1995)(Sierra On-Line)(M3 EFG)Metaltech Earth Siege Expansion (1995)(Dynamix)Metaltech Earthsiege (1994)(Sierra Online)Metaltech Earthsiege Speech Pack (1994)(Sierra Online)Metatech Battledrome(1995)(Sierra Online)Meteor Mission (1995)(Kurt Dekker)Meteors (1989)(Softdisk Publishing)Metropolis (1987)(Mastertronic)Meurtre Dans Lespace (1990)(Infogrames)Meurtres En Seri (1987)(Roland Mercier)Miami Vice (1989)(Capstone Software)Michael Jordan In Flight (1992)(ZCT Systems Group)Mickeys Space Adventure (1986)(Sierra Online)Micro League Baseball (1989)(Microleague)Micro League Baseball Iv (1992)(Microleague)Micro League Football 2 (1992)(Micro League)Micro Machines (1994)(Codemasters)Micro Machines 2 (1995)(Codemasters)Micro Machines 2 (1995)(Codemasters)(Rev1)Micro Machines 2 (1995)(Codemasters)(Rev2)Micro Machines Special Edition (1995)(Codemasters)Microleague Baseball Managers Challenge (1994)(Microleague Multimedia)Micropede (1994)(Robert Easter)Microprose Pro Soccer (1988)(Microprose Software Inc)Microsoft Decathlon (1982)(Timothy Smith)Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.1 (1988)(Microsoft Game Studios)Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 (1988)(Microsoft Game Studios)Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 (1989)(Microsoft Game Studios)Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 and 5 British Isles Part 2 (1996)(GameTek)Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 Plus ATC USA West Scenery and Flight Assignment System (1994)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0a (1989)(Microsoft Game Studios)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Flight Zone (1996)(Wizard Works)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Real Weather Pilot Addon Disk (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk Berlin East Germany (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk Japan Pacific Rim (1994)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk New York (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk Paris (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk Tyrol Austria (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Disk Washington DC (1994)(Mallard)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Scenery Kamschatka Munich Scotland (1994)(UNK)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 (1993)(Microsoft)(G)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 Scenery Disk Dallas-Fort Worth (1995)(Microwings)Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.11 (1995)(Microsoft)Microsoft Flight Simulator CDROM 5.1 (1993)(Microsoft)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Bad Ltd)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Microsoft Game Studios)Midwinter (1989)(Microplay)Midwinter 2 Flames of Freedom (1991)(Maelstrom Games)MiG 29 (1993)(Spectrum Holobyte)Mig 29 Fulcrum (1990)(Simis)Might And Magic 1 (1986)(New World Computing Inc)Might And Magic 2 (1988)(New World Computing Inc)Might And Magic 4 Clouds Of Xeen (1992)(New World Computing Inc)Might And Magic 5 Darkside Of Xeen (1993)(New World Computing Inc)Might And Magic 5 Darkside Of Xeen Original Install (1993)(New World Computing Inc)Might And Magic Swords Of Xeen (1992)(New World Computing Inc)Might and Magic Trilogy 1 to 3 (1995)(New World Computing)Mike Ditka Ultimate Football (1991)(Accolade)Mille Bornes (1989)(Freeware)Millenia (1995)(Take 2 Interactive)Millennium Return To Earth (1991)(Paragon Software)Mimi and the Mites (1995)(FormGen)Mind Field (1985)(Everett Kaser)Mindbender (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)Mindshadow (1984)(Interplay)Mines Of Titan (1989)(Infocom)Miniputt (1986)(Robert Numerick)Mirage Thunder Dif 2 (1993)(Softstar)Missiles (1993)(Vince Pelss)Mission Impossible (1991)(Konami)Mission Maze (1991)(William Soleau)Mission Ufo A Solar System Odyssey (1988)(Software Interphase Inc)Mixed Up Fairy Tales (1991)(Sierra Online)Mixed Up Mother Goose (1987)(Sierra Online)Mo Slo 1.2 (1990)(David Perrell)Modem Wars (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)Moebius 2 Windwalker (1987)(Origin Systems Inc)Moebius The Orb Of Celestial Harmony (1985)(Origin Systems Inc)Moktar (1991)(The Sleeper)Monchr (2000)(Terry Washington)Monkey Island 2 Lechucks Revenge (1991)(Lucas Arts)Monkey Island Ega (1989)(Lucas Arts)Monkey Island Vga (1990)(Lucas Arts)Monopoly (1985)(Avalon Interactive)Monopoly (1998)(Adam Stevens)Monopoly Deluxe (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Monopoly Deluxe (1992)(Virgin Interactive)(F)Monopoly Deluxe 1.0 (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Monopoly Deluxe Original Install (1992)(Virgin Interactive)Monster Bash Episode 1 To 3 (1993)(Apogee Software Ltd)Montezumas Revenge (1991)(Software Pirates Inc)Monty Python (1996)(Mastertronic)Monty Pythons Flying Circus (1990)(Avalon Interactive)Monuments Of Mars (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)Monzies Mansion (1992)(Nk Dann)Moon Blaster (1990)(Loriciel)Moon Bugs (1983)(Windmill Software)Moonbase (1990)(Wesson International)Moonshine Racers (1991)(Millenium)Moonstone A Hard Days Knight (1992)(Mindscape Inc)Moraffs Dungeons Of The Unforgiven (1993)(Moraffware)Moria (1986)(Ajm)Mortal Kombat (1993)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)Mortal Kombat (1993)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)(Rev)Mortal Kombat 2 (1994)(Midway)Mortal Kombat 2 (1994)(Midway)(Rev1)Mortal Kombat Original Install (1993)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)Motor City (1995)(Max Design)Motor City Experience Part 2 (1995)(Max Design)Mr Ant (1992)(Nk Dann)Mr Boom (1999)(Multimedia Remdy)Ms Dos 1.25 (1982)(Microsoft)Ms Pac Pc 1.02 (1996)(Jroc)Ms Pacman (1983)(Atari Inc)Muds (1991)(Rainbow Arts)Multimedia Crosswords (1988)(Intermedia Interactive Software)Mummies (1985)(Iain Brown)Murder In The Atlantic (1988)(Anonymous)Murders In Venice (1990)(Infogrames)Museum_Madness-NEXUSMutant Penguins (1996)(GameTek)Muzzle Velocity (1996)(Digi 4 Fun)My Chess (1984)(The Software Toolworks)Mysterie of Life (1994)(-)Mystery At The Museums (1993)(Binary Zoo)Mystery Of The Mummy (1989)(Rainbow Arts)Mystic Towers (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Mystic Towers 1.0 (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)

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