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La Crackdown (1988)(Epyx)Labyrinth (1993)(Italian)Lady Love (1990)(Freeware)Laigle Dor Le Retour (1991)(Loriciel)Lakers Vs Celtics (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Lakers Vs Celtics And The Nba Playoffs (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Lamborghini American Challenge (1992)(Titus Interactive)Lamborghini American Challenge (1994)(Titus)Lamborghini American Challenge (1994)(Titus)(Rev1)Lamers (1992)(Cocktail)Lancelot (1988)(Datasoft Inc)Land of the Red Dragon (1994)(Robinson Technologies)Lands Of Lore The Throne Of Chaos (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Lands Of Lore The Throne Of Chaos Original Install (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Laser Chess (1994)(Peter Venable)Laser Squad (1988)(Krisalis Software Ltd)Last Action Hero (1992)(Psygnosis)Last Half Of Darkness (1991)(Softlab Laboratories)Last Mission (1987)(Operasoft)Last Ninja (1988)(Activision Publishing Inc)Last Ninja 2 Back With A Vengeance (1988)(Activision Publishing Inc)Last Ninja The (1987)(Activision Publishing Inc)Last Rites (1997)(Ocean)Late Night TV Sexy Show (1994)(Dynabyte)Laura Bow (1993)(Sierra Online)Laura Bow 2 (1993)(Sierra Online)Lawnmower Man The (1993)(Sci Games Ltd)Le Grand Manitou (1995)(Sebastien Sauvage)Le Jeu Du Pendu (1987)(Rene Cougnent)Le Maitre Des Ames (1987)(Lsc)Leather Goddesses Of Phobos (1986)(Infocom)Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 2 (1992)(Infocom)Legacy Of The Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)Legacy The (1993)(Magnetic Scrolls)Legend (1991)(Mindscape Inc)Legend (1992)(Anonymous)Legend of Evil Dragon, The (1995)(Tan Ton Nerw Information)(Jp)Legend Of Evil God (1992)(Freeware)Legend of Faerghail (1990)(Reline Software)Legend of Galaxy Hero 3 (1995)(Chinese)(Ch)Legend Of Kyrandia (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Legend Of Kyrandia (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F)Legend Of Kyrandia (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(Rev)Legend Of Kyrandia Hand Of Fate (1993)(Avalon Interactive)Legend Of Kyrandia Malcolms Revenge (1994)(Avalon Interactive)Legend Of Kyrandia The Hand Of Fate (1993)(Avalon Interactive)(F)Legend Of The Sword (1987)(Rainbird Software)Legends (1996)(Krisalis)Legions Conquest And Diplomacy In The Ancient World (1994)(Mindscape Inc)Leisure Genius Presents Scrabble (1988)(Avalon Interactive)Leisure Suit Larry 1 In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards (1991)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry 2 (1989)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry 3 (1989)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry 3 (1989)(Sierra Online)(Rev 1.021)Leisure Suit Larry 5 Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work (1991)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry 6 Shape Up Or Slip Out (1993)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry 7 Love for Sail (1996)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry Casino (1994)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry Collection 1 to 6 (1993)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry III Passionate Patti In Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals (1989)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards (1987)(Sierra Online)Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards Remake (1991)(Sierra Online)Lemmings (1990)(Psygnosis)Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (1993)(DMA Design)Lemmings 2 The Tribes (1993)(Psygnosis)Lemmings 3 (1994)(DMA Design)(F)Lemmings 3 CDROM (1994)(DMA Design)Lemmings 3D (1995)(Clockwork Games)Lemmings Chronicles (1994)(Psygnosis)Lemmings The Official Companion (1993)(Psygnosis)Lemmings Xmas Edition (1990)(Psygnosis)Lemmings Xmas Edition (1991)(Psygnosis)Lemmings Xmas Edition (1992)(Psygnosis)Les Manley In Lost In La (1992)(Accolade)Les Manley In Search For The King (1990)(Accolade)Les Manley Search For The King (1990)(Accolade)Lethal Tender (1993)(Pie In The Sky)Lethal Tender v1.1 (1994)(Pie in the Sky)Lethal Weapon (1992)(Ocean)Lexi Cross (1991)(Interplay)Lhx Attack Chopper (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Liberty Or Death (1993)(Koei)License To Kill (1989)(Domark)Liero (1999)(Joosa Riekkinen)Life And Death (1988)(Software Toolworks The)Life And Death 2 The Brain (1990)(Software Toolworks The)Life And Death 2 The Brain (1990)(The Software Toolworks)Light Corridor (1990)(Atari Inc)Light Corridor The (1990)(Atari Inc)Lightspeed (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Linewars 2 (1994)(Safari Software Ltd)Links 386 Pro (1992)(Access Software Inc)Links 386 Pro (1992)(Access Software Inc)(Rev1.05)Links 386 Pro Bunkers Club (1992)(Access Software Inc)Links 386 Pro Course Banff Springs (1993)(Access Software)Links 386 Pro Course Castle Pines Golf Club (1994)(Access Software)Links 386 Pro Course Pebble Beach (1993)(Access Software)Links 386 Pro Course Riviera Country Club (1995)(Access Software)Links Legends Course Pelican Hill (1996)(Access Software)Links Legends In Sports 97 (1996)(Access Software)Links Solid Gold Edition CDROM (1994)(Access Software Inc)Links The Challenge Of Golf (1990)(Access Software Inc)Lion King (1994)(Disney)Lion King The (1994)(Walt Disney Company)Litil Divil (1993)(Philips Interactive Media)Litil Divil Deluxe CD (1995)(Gremlin)Little Big Adventure (1994)(Adeline Software International)Little Big Adventure AKA Relentless (1995)(Adeline)Llamatron 2112 (1991)(Llamasoft)Locomotion (1992)(Prestige)Locus (1995)(Zombie)Lode Runner The Legend Returns (1994)(Sierra Online)Lode Runner The Legend Returns (1994)(Sierra Online)(Rev1)Logical (1991)(Rainbow Arts)Logo (1983)(Lcsi)Lollypop (1994)(Softgold)Loom (1990)(Lucas Arts)Loom Cd (1990)(Lucas Arts)Loopy (1994)(Nikita)Lords Of Conquest (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)Lords of Midnight 3 (1995)(Domark)Lords Of The Realm (1994)(Impressions Games)Lords Of The Realm (1994)(Impressions)Lords of the Realm 2 (1996)(Sierra Online)Lost Dutchman Mine (1989)(Magnetic Images)Lost Episodes Of Doom The (1995)(Christen Klie And Robert Carter)Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes (1992)(Electronic Arts Inc)Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Serrated Scalpel (1992)(Electronic Arts Inc)Lost In Time (1993)(Sierra Online)Lost Patrol (1990)(Ocean)Lost Vikings (1993)(Interplay)(F)Lost Vikings The (1992)(Interplay)Lotus 3 (1993)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Lotus The Ultimate Challenge (1992)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Low Blow (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Low Blow 2 (1993)(Electronic Arts)Loyd (1990)(Microlink)LucasArts Classic Adventures (1994)(LucasArts)Luckys Casino Adventure (1993)(QQP)Lunar Command (1993)(Mallard Software)Lunar Commander 1 (1993)(Mallard Software)(Rev1.1)Lunar Commander II (1994)(Mallard Software)Lunar Lander (1984)(Claudio Chami)Lure Of The Tempress (1991)(Revolution Virgin Games)Lure Of The Temptress (1992)(Avalon Interactive)Lurking Horror (1987)(Infocom)Lynq 3D (1996)(Anarchy Entertainment)

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