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Cadash (USA, Asia)Caesar no Yabou (Japan)Caesar no Yabou II (Japan)Caesars Palace (USA)Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball (USA)Caliber .50 (USA)California Games (USA, Europe)Cannon Fodder (Europe)Captain America and the Avengers (Europe)Captain America and the Avengers (USA)Captain America and the Avengers (USA) (Beta)Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Europe)Captain Planet and the Planeteers (USA)Castle of Illusion - Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken (Japan)Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA, Europe)Castlevania - Bloodlines (USA)Castlevania - The New Generation (Europe)Castlevania - The New Generation (Europe) (Beta)Centurion - Defender of Rome (USA, Europe)Chakan (USA, Europe)Chameleon Kid (Japan)Champions World Class Soccer (World) (En,Fr,De,Es)Championship Bowling (USA)Championship Pool (USA)Championship Pro-Am (USA)Chaoji Dafuweng (China) (Unl)Chaos Engine 2, The (Europe) (Proto)Chaos Engine, The (Europe)Chase H.Q. II (USA)Chavez II (USA)Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe)Chelnov (Japan)Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool (USA)Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest (USA)Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf (USA)Chibi Maruko-chan - Wakuwaku Shopping (Japan)Chiki Chiki Boys (Japan)Chiki Chiki Boys (USA, Europe)Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine (Japan)Chou Touryuu Retsuden Dino Land (Japan)Chuck Rock (Europe)Chuck Rock (USA)Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (Europe)Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (USA)Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (USA) (Beta)Chuck Rock II (Japan)Classic Collection (Europe)Clay Fighter (USA)Cliffhanger (Europe)Cliffhanger (USA)Clue (USA)Coach K College Basketball (USA)College Football USA 96 (USA)College Football USA 97 (USA)College Football's National Championship (USA)College Football's National Championship II (USA)College Slam (USA)Columns (World)Columns (World) (v1.1)Columns III - Revenge of Columns (USA)Columns III - Taiketsu! Columns World (Japan)Combat Cars (USA, Europe)Comix Zone (Europe)Comix Zone (Japan)Comix Zone (USA)Comix Zone (USA) (Beta)Congo (Proto)Contra - Hard Corps (USA, Korea) [Hack by MIJET v20080924] (Enhanced Editon)Contra - Hard Corps (USA)Contra - The Hard Corps (Japan)Cool Spot (Europe)Cool Spot (USA)Cool Spot (USA) (Beta)Corporation (Europe)Cosmic Spacehead (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)Crack Down (Japan)Crack Down (Japan) (Rev A)Crack Down (USA, Europe)Crayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Enji (Japan)Cross Fire (USA)Crude Buster (Japan)Crue Ball - Heavy Metal Pinball (USA, Europe)Crue Ball (Japan)Crusader of Centy (USA)Crying - Aseimei Sensou (Japan)Crystal's Pony Tale (USA)Curse (Japan)Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Japan)CutThroat Island (USA, Europe)Cyber Police ESWAT (Japan)Cyber-Cop (USA)CyberBall (World)Cyborg Justice (USA, Europe)

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