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1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo)1869 (1992)(Max Design)688 Attack Sub (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)688 Attack Sub (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean)A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software)Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker)Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online)Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online)Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1)Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software)Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations)Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)(Futura)Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)Advanced Tactical Fighters (1996)(Electronic Arts)African Raiders (1986)(Tomahawk)Afterlife (1996)(Lucas Arts)Age of Rifles (1996)(SSI)Air Bucks (1992)(Sierra Online)Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Airline (1991)(Falkan)(G)Airlines (1994)(Interactivision)(Rev1.11)Airlines (1996)(InterActivision)Amarillo Slim Dealers Choice (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)Amazon Trail, The (1993)(MECC)American Challenge A Sailing Simulation (1986)(Mindscape Inc)American Gladiators (1991)(Gametek)Ancient Art Of War In The Skies (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Ancient Art of War in the Skies The (1992)(Evryware)Anstoss Action (1994)(Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh)Apollo 18 (1988)(Accolade)Arcade Fruit Machine (1993)(Zeppelin Games)Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17)Archimedean Dynasty (1996)(Blue Byte)Arcticfox (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Armored Fist (1994)(Nova Logic)Armored Fist (1994)(Novalogic Inc)Armour Geddon (1991)(Psygnosis)Ashes of Empire (1993)(Gametek)Atac (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)Aufschwung Ost (1993)(Sunflowers)(G)Austerlitz (1989)(Mirrorsoft Personal Software Services)Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems Inc)Av8b Harrier Assault (1992)(Domark)Back To Baghdad (1996)(Military Sim)Balance (1993)(Kingsoft)Balance Of Power (1985)(Mindscape Inc)Balance of the Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies)Bar Games (1989)(Accolade)Battle Command (1990)(Ocean)Battle Of Antietam (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(Lucas Arts)Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(LucasFilm Games)Beat The House (1992)(Bridge Publications Inc Spirit Of Discovery)Beat the House (1995)(Interplay)Big Business (1990)(Magic Bytes)Big Sea (1994)(Starbyte)Bill Elliotts Nascar Challenge (1991)(Konami)Birds Of Prey (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Blackjack (1984)(Ibm)Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation (1989)(Accolade)Blue Max Aces Of The Great War (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)Budokan The Martial Spirit (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software)Bundesliga Manager (1991)(Software 2000)Bundesliga Manager Professional (1991)(Software 2000)Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)(Rev)Caesar 2 (1996)(Impressions)Caesar II (1996)(Sierra Online)Campaign 2 (1993)(Empire)Capitalism (1995)(Interactive Magic)Carriers at War 2 (1994)(SSG)Casino Games (1982)(Ibm)Castles (1991)(Interplay)Castles (1991)(Interplay)(Rev)Chain Reaction (1996)(Webfoot Technologies Inc)Championship Manager (1992)(Domark)Championship Manager 2 (1995)(Domark)(S)Championship Manager 94 (1994)(Domark)Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)(Rev)Civil War (1997)(Dagger Interactive Technologies)Coaster (1993)(Disney Software)Coaster (Install)(1993)(Disney Software)Codename Iceman (1989)(Sierra Online)Colorado (1990)(Silmarils)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Nova Logic)Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic Inc)Combat Air Patrol (1995)(Psygnosis)Cougar Force (1990(Coktel Vision)Crisis In The Kremlin (1991)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Cyrus (1985)(Intelligent Chess Software)Dam Busters (1984)(Accolade)Das Boot (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)(G)Dawn Patrol (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment)Deluxe Ski Jump (2001)(Jussi Koskela)Descent (1995)(Interplay)Descent (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)Destroyer (1987)(Epyx)Detroit (1993)(Impressions)Detroit (1993)(Sierra Online)Dinopark Tycoon (1993)(Mecc)Earthsiege (1994)(Dynamix)Egatrek (1989)(Sofsource Inc)Eishockey Manager (1993)(Software 2000)El Fish (1993)(AnimaTek)Elite (1985)(Firebird Software Ltd)Elite Plus (1991)(Frontier Developments)Elite Plus (1991)(Rainbird Software)Empire (1985)(Microcomputer)Energie Manager (1992)(Bmwi)Epic (1991)(Ocean)Evasive Action (1993)(Software Toolworks The)Eye of the Storm (1993)(Rebellion)Eye of the Storm (1994)(Rebellion)(Rev1.3)F 14 Tomcat (1990)(Activision)F-22 Lightning 2 (1996)(Novalogic)F29 Retaliator (1989)(Ocean)FIFA 97 (1996)(Electronic Arts)FIFA Soccer 96 (1995)(Electronic Arts)Falcon 3.0 (1991)(Sphere)Fighter Duel (1995)(Philips)Fighter Wing (1995)(Gemsoft Corp)Fire Power (1988)(Microillusions)Fish (1988)(Rainbird Software)Flight Light Plus (1995)(Sublogic)Flight Of The Intruder (1990)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Floor 13 (1991)(Virgin Interactive)Ford Simulator (1987)(Ford Motor Company)Ford Simulator 50 (1994)(The Soft Ad Group)Ford Simulator II (1990)(Ford Motor Company)Ford Simulator III (1992)(Ford Motor Company)Fragile Allegiance (1996)(Gremlin)Game of Life (1993)(Linel)Gato (1984)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Golden Oldies Volume 1 Computer Software Classics (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)Grand Prix 2 (1996)(Microprose Software Inc)Grand Prix 2 (1996)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1)Grand Prix 500 2 (1991)(Mc2 Microids)Grand Prix Unlimited (1992)(Accolade)Great Naval Battles 3 (1995)(SSI)Great Naval Battles 4 (1995)(SSI)Gunboat (1989)(Accolade)Gunboat (1990)(Accolade)Gunship (1986)(Microprose Software Inc)Gunship 2000 (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Gunship 2000 (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)Gunship 2000 Scenario Disk And Mission Builder (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)Hanse (1988)(Ariolasoft)Harley Davidson The Road To Sturgis (1989)(Mindscape Inc)Harpoon (1989)(Three Sixty Pacific)Harpoon Classic (1994)(Three Sixty Software)Harrier Assault (2002)(Freeware)High Seas Trader (1995)(Impressions)Hockey League Simulator 2 (1992)(Bethesda Softworks)Hostage Rescue Mission (1989)(Mindscape Inc)Hoyle Classic Games (1995)(Sierra Online)Hoyle Official Book Of Games Volume 3 (1991)(Sierra Online)Hunt For Red October (1987)(Datasoft Inc)Hunt For Red October (1992)(Software Toolworks)Hunt For Red October The (1988)(Oxford Digital Enterprises)Indianapolis 500 (1989)(Papyrus Design)Indianapolis 500 (1989)(Papyrus Design)(Rev)Infestation (1990)(Psygnosis)Infiltrator (1986)(Mindscape Inc)Jetfighter (1988)(Velocity)Jetfighter 2 (1990)(Velocity)Jetfighter 3 (1996)(Mission Studios)[Pre-release]Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour (1990)(Blue Byte)John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Jones In The Fast Lane (1991)(Sierra Online)Lhx Attack Chopper (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)Linewars 2 (1994)(Safari Software Ltd)Links The Challenge Of Golf (1990)(Access Software Inc)Loopy (1994)(Nikita)Lords Of The Realm (1994)(Impressions Games)Lords Of The Realm (1994)(Impressions)Lost Dutchman Mine (1989)(Magnetic Images)Lunar Command (1993)(Mallard Software)Lunar Lander (1984)(Claudio Chami)M1 Tank Platoon (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)M1 Tank Platoon (1989)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Macadam Bumper (1987)(Kingsoft)Mad News (1994)(Ikarion Software GmbH)Mad Tv (1991)(Rainbow Arts)Mad Tv (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(rev)Manchester United The Double (1995)(Krisalis)Mega Lo Mania (1991)(New World Computing)Mega Lo Mania (1992)(New World Computing)Megafortress (1991)(Three Sixty)Metaltech Battledrome (1995)(Dynamix)Metaltech Earthsiege (1994)(Sierra Online)Metaltech Earthsiege Speech Pack (1994)(Sierra Online)MiG 29 (1993)(Spectrum Holobyte)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Bad Ltd)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Microsoft Game Studios)Midwinter (1989)(Microplay)Mig 29 Fulcrum (1990)(Simis)Moonbase (1990)(Wesson International)Motor City (1995)(Max Design)NCAA Championship Basketball (1996)(GTE Entertainment)Nascar 2 (1996)(Sierra)Nascar Racing (1994)(Avalon Interactive)Nascar Racing (1994)(Papyrus Design Group)Nhl 95 (1994)(Electronic Arts Inc)Nhl Hockey (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Ocean Trader (1995)(Software 2000)Oil Imperium (1989)(Softgold)On The Ball World Cup Edition (1994)(Ascon)Operation Europe Path To Victory 1939 To 45 (1993)(Koei Co Ltd)Operation Market Garden Drive On Arnhem September 1944 (1985)(Strategic)PGA European Tour (1996)(Electronic Arts)Pc Pool (1983)(Dale Jurich)Pinball 2000 (1994)(Frogman)Pinball Fantasies (1992)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball World (1995)(21st Century Entertainment)Pinball World (1995)(Spidersoft)Ping Pong (1985)(Konami)Pizza Connection (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)(Rev1)Pizza Tycoon (1994)(Cybernetic Corporation)(Rev2)Platoon (1986)(Data East Corporation)Playboy (1994)(Victory Software)Poko Memorial 18th Hole Miniature Golf (1987)(Gold Hill Software)Pole Position (1983)(Thunder Mountain)Ports Of Call (1987)(Aegis International The Disc Company)Ports Of Call (1987)(Aegis International)Premier Manager 2 (1993)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)President Elect (1988)(Edition (1987)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Princess Maker 2 (1996)(Gainax)Privateer (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Privateer 2 The Darkening (1996)(Origin)Pro Tennis Tour (1989)(Blue Byte)Project Nomad (1993)(GameTek)Psi 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)Race Drivin (1992)(Domark)Rags To Riches (1994)(Interplay)Railroad Tycoon (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)Rally Championship (1994)(Flair Software)Red Baron (1990)(Dynamix)Red Baron (1990)(Sierra Online)Red Baron (1990)(Sierra Online)(Rev)Red Storm Rising (1988)(Microprose Software Inc)Renegade Battle for Jacobs Star (1995)(SSI)Renegade The Battle For Jacobs Star (1995)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Retribution (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Rings of Medusa Gold (1995)(New Generation)(De)Robinsons Requiem (1994)(Readysoft Incorporated)Rockstar (1989)(Wizard Games)Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (1988)(Koei Co Ltd)Rules of Engagement 2 (1993)(Omnitrend-Impressions)Seal Team (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe (1991)(LucasFilm Games)Serf City Life Is Feudal (1993)(Blue Byte Strategic Simulations Inc)Settlers (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Settlers (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(G)Settlers (1994)(Blue Byte)(F)Settlers 2 Gold Edition (1997)(Blue Byte)Seven Cities Of Gold The (1985)(Ozark Softscape)Shadow President (1993)(Dc True)Shadow President (1994)(DC True)Sherman M4 (1989)(Loriciel)Shogun (1988)(Mastertronic)Shuttle (1992)(Virgin Interactive)Sid Meiers Civilization (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)Sid Meiers Civilization (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Silent Hunter (1996)(SSI)Silent Hunter Patrol Disk (1996)(SSI)Sim Ant (1991)(Electronic Arts)Sim Ant (1991)(Maxis Software Inc)(F)Sim Ant The Electronic Ant Colony (1991)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim City (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Sim City (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev)Sim City (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev2)Sim City (1989)(Broderbund)Sim City (1989)(Maxis)Sim City 2000 (1993)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim City 2000 (1993)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)Sim City 2000 (1993)(Maxis)(F)Sim City 2000 - Network Edition (1994)(Maxis)Sim City 2000 Urban Renewal Kit (1994)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Earth (1990)(Maxis)Sim Earth The Living Planet (1990)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Farm (1993)(Maxis)Sim Farm (1993)(Mindscape Inc)Sim Health (1994)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Health (1994)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)Sim Isle (1995)(Maxis)Sim Life (1992)(Maxis)Sim Life (1992)(Mindscape Inc)Sim Life (1992)(Mindscape Inc)(F)Sim Tower (1995)(Openbook)Sim Town (1995)(Maxis)Simusex (1992)(Erosoft)SlamTilt (1997)(Liquid Design)Spaceward Ho (1993)(New World Computing)Stalingrad (1995)(Avalon Hill)Star Wars Tie Fighter (1994)(Lucas Arts)Star Wars X Wing (1993)(Lucas Arts)Starflight (1986)(Binary Systems)Starflight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)Starflight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)(Rev)Starflight 2 Trade Routes Of The Cloud Nebula (1989)(Binary Systems)Starflight 2 Trade Routes Of The Cloud Nebula (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)Starglider (1985)(Rainbird Software)Starship Invasion (1984)(Thinking Machine Associates)Starship Invasion (1984)(Thinking Machine Associates)(Rev1)Steel Panthers (1995)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Steel Thunder (1988)(Accolade)Stellar 7 (1982)(Dynamix)Stock Market The Game (1987)(Scott Adams)Storm Master (1992)(Silmarils)(F)Stratego (1990)(Accolade)Stratego (1990)(Accolade)(Rev)Strike Commander (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Strike Commander Tactical Operations (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Striker 96 (1996)(Acclaim)Stronghold (1993)(Stormfront Studios)(F)Stronghold (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Stunt Driver (1990)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Stunt Island (1992)(Walt Disney Computer Software)Su 27 Flanker (1996)(Eagle Dynamics)Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)Subwar 2050 (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)Subwar 2050 (1993)(Particle Systems)Super Huey 2 (1987)(Cosmi Corporation)Super Huey Uh Ix (1985)(Cosmi Corporation)Supremacy (1991) Probe Software)Survival (1996)(Interactivision)Swiv 3D (1996)(SCI)TFX (1993)(Digital Image Design)Tactical Fighter Experiment (1993)(Ocean)Team F1 (1996)(Electronic Arts)Team Suzuki (1991)(Gremlin)Team Yankee (1990)(Oxford Digital Enterprises)Tennis (1987)(Fil And Dl Research)Terminal Velocity (1995)(Terminal Reality)Test Drive II The Duel (1990)(Accolade)Test Drive III The Passion (1990)(Accolade)Theme Hospital (1997)(Bullfrog Productions)(F)Theme Park (1994)(Bullfrog Productions)Theme Park (1994)(Bullfrog Productions)(F)Thud Ridge (1987)(Three Sixty Pacific)Tie Fighter (1994)(Lucas Arts)Tie Fighter Defender Of The Empire (1994)(Lucas Arts)Tomahawk (1987)(Datasoft Inc)Total Control Football (1996)(Philips)Tracon 2 (1990)(Wesson International)Train Escape To Normandy (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)Transport Tycoon (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)Transport Tycoon Deluxe (1995)(Microprose Software Inc)Transport Tycoon Deluxe (1995)(Microprose)Trump Castle II (1991)(Capstone)UEFA Champions League 1996-97 (1996)(Eidos)Ufo (1989)(Sublogic)Ultrabots (1993)(Electronic Arts)Unnatural Selection (1993)(Maxis)Up Periscope (1988)(Actionsoft)Utopia (1991)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)Utopia (1992)(Gremlin)(F)Vette (1989)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)Vroom (1994)(Lankhor)War College, The (1996)(GameTek)Wild Science Arcade (1993)(Artech)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin)Wing Commander (1990)(Origin)(Rev1)Wing Commander - Armada (1993)(Origin Systems)Wing Commander 2 Vengeance Of The Kilrathi (1991)(Origin)Wing Commander Academy (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Academy (1993)(Origin)Wing Commander Armada (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander Privateer (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc)Wing Commander Privateer Righteous Fire (1993)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Commander The Secret Missions (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)Wing Star (1996)(Interactivision)Wolf (1994)(Sanctuary Woods Inc Us Gold)WolfPack (1990)(NovaLogic)World Cup 94 (1994)(US Gold)(M4)World Cup Year (1994)(Empire Software)Xenocide (1990)(Micro Revelations)Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)Yukon Trail (1994)(Mecc)Zeppelin Giants Of The Sky (1994)(Ikarion)

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