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Listing First-Person Shooter games for DOS:

Alien Trilogy (1996)(Probe Entertainment)Bat (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment)Black Hawk (1994)(Interplay)Blake Stone (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2)Blake Stone Aliens of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2.1)Blake Stone Planet Strike (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)Blood (1997)(Monolith)Catacomb Abyss (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)Chill Manor (1996)(Simon and Schuster)Corridor 7 Alien Invasion (1995)(Capstone Software)Crossfire (1982)(Sierra Online)Curse of the Catacombs (1993)(Froggman)Cyclones (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)Doom (1993)(Id Software)Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)Duke Nukem 3D (1996)(3D Realms)Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)Evolve (1983)(Sydney Development Corporation)Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders (1994)(Id Software)Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders (1996)(Id Software)Hexen Beyond Heretic (1995)(Raven Software)Hexen Deathkings Of The Dark Citadel (1996)(Raven Software)Horde (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)In Extremis (1993)(Blue Sphere)Isle Of The Dead (1993)(Rainmaker Software)Kens Labyrinth (1993)(Epic Megagames Inc)Kingpin (1995)(Team 17)Last Rites (1997)(Ocean)Lethal Tender (1993)(Pie In The Sky)Magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds (1995)(Bullfrog Productions)Master Levels For Doom II (1995)(Id Software)Nitemare 3d (1994)(David Gray)Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone Software)Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone Software)(Rev)Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone)Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation)Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev)Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev2)Powerslave (1995)(3D Realms)Powerslave (1996)(Lobotomy-Playmates Interactive)Predator 2 (1990)(Konami Corporation)Quake (1996)(Id Software)Quake Mission Pack 1 Scourge of Armagon (1997)(Hipnotic Interactive)Quake Mission Pack 2 Dissolution of Eternity (1997)(Rogue Entertainment)Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)Quarantine (1994)(Imagexcel)Radix Beyond The Void (1995)(Epic Megagames Inc)Rapid Assault (1995)(GTE Software)Rise Of The Triad (1994)(Apogee)Rise Of The Triad Dark War (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)Rise Of The Triad Dark War (1994)(Apogee Software Ltd)(Rev)Rise of the Triad Dark War (1995)(Apogee Software)Robocop (1988)(Ocean)Shadow Warrior (1997)(3D Realms)Shinobi (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc)Spear Of Destiny (1992)(Formgen)Stalingrad (1995)(Avalon Hill)Star Wars Dark Forces (1995)(Lucas Arts)Star Wars Dark Forces (1995)(Lucas Arts)(Rev1)Strife (1996)(Rogue Entertainment)System Shock (1994)(Looking Glass Technologies)T-Mek (1996)(Time Warner Interactive)Take Down (1984)(Anonymous)Tekwar (1995)(Capstone)Terminal Terror (1994)(Pie In The Sky)Terminator - Rampage (1993)(Bethesda Software)Terminator Future Shock (1996)(Bethesda Softworks)Terminator Rampage The (1993)(Bethesda Softworks)Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri (1996)(Looking Glass Technologies)Ultimate Doom, The (1995)(Id Software)Unreal (1991)(UBI Soft)Wolfenstein 3d (1992)(Activision Publishing Inc)XS (1995)(SCI)

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