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Listing Educational games for DOS:

3d Body Adventure (1994)(Knowledge Adventure Levande Bocker)Adventures In Math (1983)(Ibm)Ajs World Of Discovery (1992)(Coktel Vision)Alfs Thinking Skills (1993)(Vision Software)Amazon Trail, The (1993)(MECC)Animal Math (1986)(Donald Pavia)Astronomy Quiz (1988)(Softdisk Publishing)Balance (1993)(Kingsoft)Balance of the Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies)Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunter (1991)(Pc Globe Inc)Caesar 2 (1996)(Impressions)Caesar II (1996)(Sierra Online)Castle Of Dr Brain (1991)(Sierra Online)Chill Manor (1996)(Simon and Schuster)Columbus Discovery (1993)(Gamus)Daffy Duck (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions)Detroit (1993)(Impressions)Detroit (1993)(Sierra Online)Dinopark Tycoon (1993)(Mecc)Dinosaur Adventure (1993)(Knowledge Adventure)Donald Ducks Playground (1984)(Sierra Online)Dragon Fly (1988)(Freeware)Eagle Eye Mysteries in London (1993)(Electronic Arts)Ecoquest 2 Lost Secret Of The Rainforest (1993)(Sierra Online)Energie Manager (1992)(Bmwi)Gold Of The Americas The Conquest Of The New World (1989)(Ssg Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd)Goofys Railway Express (1988)(Disney)Grandmaster Chess (1993)(Capstone Software)Great Escape The (1986)(Ocean)Inspector Gadget (1992)(Azeroth Ltd)Island Of Dr Brain (1992)(Sierra Online)Journey to the Promised Land(1993)(ARK Multimedia Publishing)Manhole (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Mickeys Space Adventure (1986)(Sierra Online)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Bad Ltd)Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)(Microsoft Game Studios)Mixed Up Fairy Tales (1991)(Sierra Online)Mixed Up Mother Goose (1987)(Sierra Online)Number Munchers (1990)(Mecc)Oregon Trail (1990)(Mecc)Peppers Adventures In Time (1993)(Sierra Online)Pipes (1983)(Creative Software)Sid Meiers Civilization (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)Sid Meiers Civilization (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)Sim Ant (1991)(Electronic Arts)Sim Ant (1991)(Maxis Software Inc)(F)Sim Ant The Electronic Ant Colony (1991)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Earth (1990)(Maxis)Sim Earth The Living Planet (1990)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Health (1994)(Maxis Software Inc)Sim Health (1994)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)Snoopys Game Club (1992)(Accolade)Space Adventure (1993)(Interactive Multimedia)Super Munchers (1991)(Mecc)Super Solvers Spellbound (1990)(The Learning Company)Super Solvers Treasure Mountain (1989)(The Learning Company)The Simpsons (1991)(konami)Thinking Games 2 (1993)(Billy Bat-Compedia)Trek Trivia (1988)(Apogee Software Ltd)Virtual Pool (1995)(Interplay)Virtual Pool (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)War College, The (1996)(GameTek)Where In Americas Past Is Carmen Sandiego (1991)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In Europe Is Carmen Sandiego (1988)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The Usa Is Carmen Sandiego (1986)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Edition (1990)(Broderbund Software Inc)Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)Wild Science Arcade (1993)(Artech)Wolf (1994)(Sanctuary Woods Inc Us Gold)Word Rescue (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd)Yogi Bears Math Adventures (1990)(Genus Microprogramming Inc Omega Software Inc)Yukon Trail (1994)(Mecc)Zeppelin Giants Of The Sky (1994)(Ikarion)

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