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Game Name:Average Rating
Smash Game (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Tank (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Tasumania (19xx)(-)5.0000
Tetris (19xx)(-)5.0000
Tic-Tac-Toe v1-00 (19xx)(-)5.0000
Wose (19xx)(-)(Jp)5.0000
Ana-Digi Clock (19xx)(Mets)[a]5.0000
Apple (1999)(SN Systems)5.0000
Black Jack (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Block Out 1 (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Block Out 2 (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Block Out 3 (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
BreakThru (1999)(Jason)5.0000
Brightis (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Brightis]5.0000
Calculator (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Chaku v002t (19xx)(-)5.0000
Chocobo Stallion (1999)(Square)[Chocobo Stallion]5.0000
Copy Dance (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Curling (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Darts (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Denki (19xx)(-)5.0000
Dice (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
DTMF Hack Beta 2 (19xx)(Error)5.0000
Durama (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
EnPKclock v1-4 (19xx)(-)(Jp)5.0000
Hammer (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Hata v0-02 (19xx)(-)5.0000
Hit And Blow v0-81 (19xx)(P Katsu)5.0000
Hit & Blow (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Japanese Quiz (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Kobun No Tokkun Zanmai (1999)(Capcom)(Jp)[Tron ni Kobun]5.0000
Math Quiz (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Maze Game (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Mimique (1999)(K-Comm)5.0000
Mine Sweeper (19xx)(P Katsu)(PD)5.0000
Monkey See Monkey Do (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Odetake Chocobo (1999)(Square)[Final Fantasy 8]5.0000
PacClone (1999)(Jason)5.0000
Pairs (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Parumui Parumui (19xx)(-)[Parumui Parumui]5.0000
PDA Calculator (1998)(SCEI)5.0000
PDA Remote 1 (1998)(SCEI)(Jp)5.0000
PDA Remote 2 (1998)(SCEI)(Jp)5.0000
PDA Timer (1998)(SCEI)5.0000
Phone Book (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Pinball (1999)(SCEI)(Jp)[Pocket MuuMuu]5.0000
Pockeler (1999)(Atlus)(Jp)[Pockeler]5.0000
Pocket Fighter Alpha 3 - Part 1 (1999)(Capcom)[Street Fighter Alpha 3]5.0000
Pocket Ray (2000)(Taito)[RayCrisis]5.0000
Pocket Sokoban (19xx)(Mets)5.0000
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