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Game Name:Average Rating
Star Ocean - Second Evolution (USA)4.8140
Senjou no Valkyria 3 - Extra Edition (Japan)4.8134
Valkyria Chronicles II (USA)4.8019
Untold Legends - The Warrior's Code (USA)4.7647
Eiyuu Densetsu - Zero no Kiseki (Japan)4.7603
Corpse Party - Blood Covered - Repeated Fear (Japan)4.7342
Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together (USA)4.7280
Corpse Party - Book of Shadows (Japan)4.7231
Doko Demo Issho - Let's Gakkou! (Obenkyou Pack) (Japan)4.7227
DJ Max Emotional Sense P 2 - Sound Miracle (Korea)4.7128
Aedeus Memories Shinten Makai - GOC V (Korea)4.7124
Macross Triangle Frontier (Japan)4.7054
Tales of Phantasia - Full Voice Edition (Japan)4.7037
Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth (USA)4.7012
Final Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions (USA)4.6975
Star Ocean - First Departure (USA)4.6936
Jeanne d'Arc (USA)4.6905
Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 2 - Innocent Sin (USA)4.6892
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Masou Kishin I & II (The Load of Elemental) (UMD Disc 1) (Japan)4.6853
Gensou Suikoden I & II (v2) (Japan)4.6847
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Spain)4.6818
Twisted Metal - Head-On (Europe)4.6815
Castlevania - The Dracula X Chronicles (Korea)4.6807
Hatsune Miku - Project Diva Extend (Japan)4.6789
Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness (USA)4.6789
Ridge Racers 2 (Japan)4.6772
Me & My Katamari (Korea)4.6718
Ys - The Oath in Felghana (USA)4.6667
DJ Max Portable 3 (Korea)4.6635
Wild Arms XF (USA)4.6612
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Germany)4.6604
Tales of the World - Radiant Mythology 3 (Japan)4.6581
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (USA)4.6546
Doko Demo Issho (Japan)4.6534
Darius Burst (Japan)4.6532
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Masou Kishin II - Revelation of Evil God (Japan)4.6525
Hatsune Miku - Project Diva 2nd (Okaidoku Ban) (Japan)4.6515
Astonishia Story (Korea)4.6514
Gitaroo Man Lives! (Korea)4.6514
Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 Portable (USA)4.6452
Tokimeki Memorial 4 (Japan)4.6443
Sakura Taisen 1 & 2 (Japan)4.6438
Lunar - Silver Star Harmony (USA)4.6432
Star Ocean - Second Evolution (Japan)4.6425
Patapon 3 (China)4.6400
Final Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions (Europe)4.6397
Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness (USA)4.6393
Super Robot Taisen MX Portable (Japan)4.6384
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Portable ga Tsuzuku Wake ga Nai (UMD Disc 1) (Japan)4.6358
Princess Crown (Japan)4.6356
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