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Listing Strategy games for Atari 800:

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979)(Atari)Agent USAAndromeda (1982)(Gebelli)Andromeda ConquestArchon (1983)(Electronic Arts).atrArchon II - Adept (1984)(Electronic Arts)[k-file]Battle for NormandyBattle of AntietamBattle of Shiloh, The (1981)(SSI)[BASIC]Breakthrough in the ArdennesBroadsides (1983)(SSI)Carrier ForceCavelord (1984)(Peter Finzel)(de)[k-file]Chess (19xx)(Parker Brothers)[k-file]Clear for ActionColonial ConquestColony (1987)(Masteronic)[cr NAPO]CombatCombat ChessCombat Leader (1983)(SSI)Conflict in VietnamCosmic BalanceCosmic Balance IICrazy Quader (1990)(Bit Power)(de)CribbageCribbage (Antic)Crusade in Europe (1985)(Microprose)Crush Crumble and ChompCytron Masters (1982)(Dan Bunton)Decision in the DesertDnieper River LineDragonriders of PernDrelbsEastern Front 1941 (1982)(Atari)Eternal DaggerExcalibur (1983)(Atari)Field of FireFleetFooblitzkyGalaxyGettysburg - The Turning PointGuderianGulf StrikeHangman (19xx)(-)Imperium GalactumInvasion (1987)(Bulldog)[cr LPS]Invasion (Norman Lin)Island, The (19xx)(Aura)KaiserKampfgruppeKnights of the DesertKoronis Rift (1985)(Lucasfilm)League ChallengeLegionnaire (1982)(Avalon Hill)Lords of ConquestM.U.L.E. (1983)(Electronic Arts)Mail Order MonstersMaster Chess (19xx)(-)[k-file]Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision)Mech Brigade (1985)(SSI)MidwayMidway CampaignMr. Do! (1984)(Datasoft)[k-file]Mr. MMuleNATO Commander (1983)(MicroProse)Napoleon in RussiaNorth Atlantic Convoy RaiderNukewarOgre (1986)(Origin Systems)Operation Market GardenPac Man (19xx)(Martin Day)[k-file]Pac-Man (1984)(Eric Wolz)[k-file]Pac-Man (19xx)(-)[k-file]Panic (1983)(General Masters)[k-file]Panzer GrenadierPirates of the Barbary CoastPlot (1990)(KE-Soft)[k-file]Plot'sPuzzle Panic (1984)(Epyx)[k-file]Qb (1984)(Andrew Davie)[k-file]Raid Over Moscow (1986)(Access)Realm of Impossibility (1984)(Electronic Arts)Rebel Charge at ChickamaugaRockford (19xx)(M.A.D.)[k-file]SabotageSabotage!SaracenSargon II (1982)(Hayden Book)[k-file]Sargon III (1985)(Hayden Software)[k-file]Scrolls of Abadon, The (1984)(Access)Seven Cities of GoldShiloh - Grant's Trial in the WestShip (19xx)(Mirage)(Pl)[k-file]Silicon (1983)(Romik)Skarbnik (1992)(ASF)(pl)[k-file]Sons of LibertySpace StationSpace Station ZuluSpy Vs Spy (1984)(First Star)Spy Vs Spy - Arctic Antics (1987)(First Star)Spy Vs Spy - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star)Stack Up (1991)(Zeppelin)[cr Mr. Bacardi][k-file]Star Fleet ITAC (1983)(Avalon Hill)Tactic (1992)(Sonix)[k-file]TankTankticsTapper (1985)(Sega)The Battle of ShilohThe Shattered AllianceTheatre EuropeTigerTigers in the SnowTrains (1983)(Spinnaker)Trivial PursuitU.S.A.A.FWargame Construction Set (1986)(SSI)WarshipWorld Cup ManagerZenjiZombies (1983)(Bram)[k-file]

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