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Listing Adventure games for Atari 800:

AdventureAdventure Creator (1984)(Spinnaker)[k-file]Adventure MasterAgent USAAlternate Reality the DungeonAmazing (1985)(Antic Magazine)[k-file]BallyhooBanzaiBasil, The Great Mouse Detective (19xx)(Walt Disney)[cr L.P.S]CaveCaverns of Khafka (1983)(Cosmi)Crowley ManorCutthroatsDeadlineDenis through the Drinking GlassDetectiveDragon's KeepE.T. Phone Home! (1983)(Atari)Eagles (1983)(SSI)[Basic]Earthquake 1906Eidolon, The (1985)(Lucasfilm)Empire (19xx)(Outland Quest)[BASIC]EnchanterEscapeEscape from TraamEssexEternal DaggerGEM (19xx)(Joel Gluck)Gemstone WarriorGnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)[m Homesoft]Goonies, The (1985)(Datasoft)Gruds in SpaceHead Over HeelsHead Over Heels (19xx)(-)[cr Burton Bandit]Hollywood HijinxI O (19xx)(Thomas Starace)(PD)[BASIC]In Search of the Most Amazing ThingInfidelInfiltratorIngrid's Back (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Part 1 of 3)Ingrid's Back (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Part 2 of 3)Ingrid's Back (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Part 3 of 3)InstituteJet Set Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft)Jewels of DarknessJinxterJourney to the Planets (19xx)(JV)[a][k-file]Jupiter Mission 1999Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing - Rainbird)Lancelot (1988)(Level 9 Computing - Mandarin)Leather Goddesses of PhobosLurking HorrorMindshadowMoleMolecule Man (1986)(Mastertronic)MoonmistMordon's Quest (1985)(Melbourne House)Murder on the ZinderneufNeverending Story, The (1986)(Datasoft)OFPawnPhantasiePhantasie IIPirates of the Barbary CoastPlanetfallPlundered HeartsPyramid (1993)(Mirage)(Pl)Quest for Quintana Roo (1984)(Sunrise)[k-file]QuestronRA (1993)(ESC)Saigon the Final DaysSands of Egypt, The (1982)(Datasoft)[Req OSb]SeastalkerSecret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Part 1 of 4)Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Part 2 of 4)Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Part 3 of 4)Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Part 4 of 4)Seven Cities of GoldSnooper Troops - The Disappearing DolphinSnowball (1983)(Level 9 Computing)[text version]Snowball (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(Pl)[k-file]Softporn Adventure (1981)(Sierra On-Line)[BASIC]Spellbound (1986)(Mastertronic)[cr SSMB][k-file]SpellbreakerStationfallSuspectSuspendedTelengardTemple of ApshaiTemple of Apshai Trilogy (1985)(Epyx)The Adventures of Buckaroo BanzaiThe CurseThe Dallas QuestThe Dark CrystalThe Guild of ThievesThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe QuestThe SearchThe WitnessTime and Magik Trilogy (1988)(Level 9 Computing - Mandarin)[compilation]Transylvania (1984)(Penguin)TrilogyTroll's TaleTrollsUltima IWishbringerWormZork I - The Great Underground Empire (1982)(Infocom)Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz (1981)(Infocom)Zork III - The Dungeon Master (1982)(Infocom)

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