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S.D.I. - Now the Odds are EvenS.T.A.G.Sabre TeamSabre Team (AGA)Saint & GreavsieSaint DragonSanta Paravia and FiumaccioSanta's Xmas CaperSarakonSargon IIISAS Combat SimulatorSat.1 BingoSavageScapeghostSchelober's Quest for a BabeSchwarze Auge, Das - Die SchicksalsklingeSchwarze Auge, Das - Die SchicksalsklingeScooby-Doo and Scrappy-DooScorched TanksScorpioScorpionScrabbleScramble SpiritsScrolling WallsSeaHaven TowersSeastalkerSecond SamuraiSecond Samurai (AGA)Seconds OutSecret of Monkey Island, TheSecret of the Silver BladesSenSensible GolfSensible SoccerSensible Soccer - European ChampionsSensible Soccer - International EditionSensible World of Moon SoccerSensible World of SoccerSensible World of Soccer '95-'96Sensible World of Soccer '95-'96 - European Championship EditionSensible World of Soccer '96-'97SensoSentinel, The & Sentry, TheSerieSettlers, TheSeven Cities of GoldSeven Cities of GoldSeven Gates of Jambala, TheSevered HeadsSex OlympicsSex Vixens from SpaceSextimatesSexy DroidsSeymour Goes to HollywoodShadow DancerShadow FighterShadow Fighter (AGA)Shadow of the BeastShadow of the Beast IIShadow of the Beast IIIShadow SorcererShadow WarriorsShadowgateShadowlandsShadoworldsShanghaiShapesShaq-FuSharkey's MollShepherd, TheSherlock - The Riddle of the Crown JewelsShiftrixShinobiShockWaveShoot 'Em-Up Construction KitShuffleShuffle PixShufflepuck CafeShuttle - The Space Flight SimulatorSide ArmsSideShowSideWinderSideWinder IISilkwormSilver EagleSilver StarSimAntSimCitySimLifeSimon the SorcererSimon the Sorcerer (AGA)Simpsons, The - Bart vs. The Space MutantsSimpsons, The - Bart vs. The WorldSimulman 01 - SimulmanSinbad and the Throne of the FalconSink or SwimSir Fred - The LegendSirius 7SkarbnikSkidMarks (OCS & AGA)SkidooSkidzSkrullSkweekSkyblasterSkyChaseSkyfoxSkyfox II - The Cygnus ConflictSkyworkerSlackskin & FlintSlam RaidSlam Tilt - The Pinball Game (AGA)SlayerSlaygonSleeping Gods LieSleepwalkerSleepwalker (AGA)SliderSlidersSlidingSmashSmash the BeastSmusSnakes and LaddersSnapperazziSnareSneechSnoball in HellSnow Bros.Snow StrikeSoccer KidSoccer Kid (AGA)Soccer KingSoccer Manager PlusSoccer PinballSoccer RivalsSoccer SupremoSoeldnerSoftware ManagerSokoSol NegroSoldier 2000Soldier of LightSolitaire RoyaleSolitaire's JourneySonic BoomSony GameSooty & SweepSophelieSorcererSorcerer LordSorceror's ApprenticeSorcery +SorefistSoul CrystalSpace 1889Space 1889Space AceSpace Ace II - Borf's RevengeSpace AssaultSpace BomberSpace Bomber 2Space Bomber 3Space Conquest - A Galactic OdysseySpace CrusadeSpace DaySpace DunkSpace FightSpace GunSpace HarrierSpace Harrier IISpace HulkSpace KnightSpace Quest - The Sarien EncounterSpace Quest I - Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (remake)Space Quest II - Vohaul's RevengeSpace Quest III - The Pirates of PestulonSpace Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time RippersSpace RangerSpace RogueSpace StationSpatial HyperdriveSpecial ForcesSpeedSpeedballSpeedball 2 - Brutal DeluxeSpeedboat AssassinsSpeedrunnerSpell BookSpellbound Dizzy & Dizzy PanicSpellbound!SpellbreakerSperis Legacy, The (AGA)SphericalSpiderman - Il ritorno di HobgoblinSpiderman 2 - ...e ora, Carnage!Spiderman 3 - Destino Incrociato!SpidertronicSpike in TransylvaniaSpindizzy WorldsSpinworldSpirit of ExcaliburSpitting ImageSpoils of WarSpy vs SpySpy vs Spy II - The Island CaperSpy vs Spy III - Arctic AnticsSpy Who Loved Me, TheSquarestoneSt. ThomasStable MastersStable Masters IIStable Masters IIIStack UpStadt der Loewen, DieStalingradStar BreakerStar CommandStar Goose!Star TrashStar WarsStar Wars - Return of the JediStar Wars - The Empire Strikes BackStar-blazeStarcrossStardustStarflightStarflight II - Trade Routes of the Cloud NebulaStargliderStarglider 2StariansStarRayStarushStarwaysStationfallStatixSteelSteg the SlugSteigenberger HotelmanagerStellar 7Stellar CrusadeStellar CrusadeStellaryrxSternsiedlerStone AgeStorm Across Europe - The War in Europe - 1939-45Storm MasterStormlordStormtrooperStrategoStreet FighterStreet Fighter II - The World WarriorStreet GangStreet Sports BasketballStresStriderStrider IIStrike Force HarrierStrikefleetStrikerStrikes -N- SparesStrikes -N- Spares ProfessionalStrip PokerStrip Poker II+Strip Pot (AGA)StruggleStunt Car RacerSturmtruppen - The Video GameSub Battle SimulatorSub RallySubbuteo - The Computer GameSubtrade - Return to IrataSuburban CommandoSubwar 2050 (AGA)Suicide MissionSummer CampSummer GamesSummer Games IISummer OlympiadSun Crosswords, The - Vol. 1 & 2Sun Crosswords, The - Vol. 3 & 4Sunny SpellsSupaplexSuper Bob DylanSuper CSuper CarsSuper Cars IISuper CauldronSuper Grand PrixSuper Grid RunnerSuper Hang-OnSuper HueySuper League ManagerSuper League Manager (AGA)Super Loopz (AGA)Super Methane BrosSuper OsWALDSuper Scramble SimulatorSuper Seymour Saves the PlanetSuper SkidMarks (OCS & AGA)Super Space InvadersSuper Sport ChallengeSuper Stardust (AGA)Super Street Fighter II - The New ChallengersSuper TaeKwonDo MasterSuper Tennis ChampsSuper TetrisSuper Wonderboy in MonsterlandSuperbike SimulatorSuperfrogSuperman - The Man of SteelSupremacy - Your Will Be DoneSurgeon, TheSuspectSuspendedSuspicious CargoSvetak BobSwapSwitchbladeSwitchblade IISWIVSwordSword & The Rose, TheSword of HonourSyndicate

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