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Daark (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Daley Thompson's Super Test (19xx)(Ocean)[cr Simon][a][DTLOAD start] [SSD]Daley Thompson's Super Test (19xx)(Ocean)[cr Simon][DTLOAD start] [SSD]Daley Thompson's Super Test (19xx)(Ocean)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dallas (1983)(CCS)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dam Busters (1983)(Alligata)[1.DAMBUST start] [SSD]Dam Busters (1983)(Alligata)[a][1.DAMBUST start] [SSD]Dam Busters (1983)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dam Busters, The (19xx)(U.S. Gold)[DAMBUS1 start] [SSD]Dam Busters, The (19xx)(U.S. Gold)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dam Raider (1984)(Geoff Turner)[a][DAMRAID start] [SSD]Dam Raider (1984)(Geoff Turner)[DAMRAID start] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill) [UEF]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[a][UXB start] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[a2][UXB start] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[a3][UXB start] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[bootfile] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Danger UXB (1983)(Peter Averill)[UXB start] [SSD]Danger UXB! (19xx)(Program Power)[b][DANGER start] [SSD]Danger UXB! (19xx)(Program Power)[b2][DANGER start] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions) [UEF]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[a][DDDENIS start] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[bootfile] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[DDDENIS start] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[DENIS start] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[h TSTH][a][bootfile] [SSD]Dare Devil Denis (19xx)(Visions)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Darts (1984)(MRM)[DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (1984)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen) [UEF]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[a][DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[a2][DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[bootfile] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(G.R. Owen)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(Richard Jones)[a][DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(Richard Jones)[DARTS start] [SSD]Darts (19xx)(Statasoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Data Exchange Diagnostics Disk (1989)(Watford Electronics)[bootfile] [SSD]Database (1984)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Day and Night (19xx)(MRM)[a][NIGHT start] [SSD]Day and Night (19xx)(MRM)[NIGHT start] [SSD]Dead or Alive (1987)(Alternative)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Death Duel (1984)(Paul Forrest)[a][DEATH start] [SSD]Death Duel (1984)(Paul Forrest)[DEATH start] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[a][bootfile] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[DEATH start] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Death Star (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite lives] [SSD]Death's Head Hole (1982)(Louis & Elizabeth)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Defence Com (1983)(J.W.)[a][DEFCOM start] [SSD]Defence Com (1983)(J.W.)[DEFCOM start] [SSD]Defender - Modified (1983)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Defender (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Defender (1982)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-9 lives] [SSD]Defender (19xx)(-)[DEFENDE start] [SSD]Demo (19xx)(-)[a][DEMO start] [SSD]Demo (19xx)(-)[DEMO start] [SSD]Demo (19xx)(Atom)[b] [SSD]Demolator (19xx)(Visions)[a][DEMOLAT start] [SSD]Demolator (19xx)(Visions)[DEMOLAT start] [SSD]Demolator (19xx)(Visions)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Demolator (19xx)(Visions)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite lives] [SSD]Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[a][DECORAT start] [SSD]Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[a2][DECORAT start] [SSD]Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)(nl)[DECORAT start] [SSD]Demon Decorator (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Demonstration Disc (19xx)(Superior)[bootfile] [SSD]Demonstration Disk (19xx)(Beebugsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Denis Through the Drinking Glass (1984)(Applications)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[a][DISRIDE start] [SSD]Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[a2][DISRIDE start] [SSD]Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[DISRIDE start] [SSD]Despatch Rider (1987)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Desperate Dan's Dungeon (1984)(Thor)[a][DAN1 start] [SSD]Desperate Dan's Dungeon (1984)(Thor)[DAN1 start] [SSD]Desperate Dan's Dungeon (1984)(Thor)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Destroyed Realities Issue 1 (1994-01)(D. Lowless & G. Foot)[h 8-Bit](TBI-64-1)[bootfile] [SSD]Devil's Causeway (1983)(Database)[DEVIL start] [SSD]Devil's Causeway (1983)(Database)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Devil's Domain, The (1984)(Micro Power)[a][DEV-DOM start] [SSD]Devil's Domain, The (1984)(Micro Power)[a2][DEV-DOM start] [SSD]Devil's Domain, The (1984)(Micro Power)[DEV-DOM start] [SSD]Devil's Domain, The (1984)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]DFS Picture Disc 1 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-116-1] [SSD]DFS Picture Disc 2 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-116-2] [SSD]DFS Picture Disc 3 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-116-3] [SSD]DFS Picture Disc 4 (19xx)(8-Bit)[bootfile-TBI-116-4] [SSD]Diamond Mine (1983)(MRM)[DMINE1 start] [SSD]Diamond Mine (1983)(MRM)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Diamond Mine (19xx)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a][D-MINE start] [SSD]Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[a][DIALOAD start] [SSD]Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[D-MINE start] [SSD]Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[DIALOAD start] [SSD]Diamond Mine II (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Diamond Pete (1986)(Alligata)[a][DP1 start] [SSD]Diamond Pete (1986)(Alligata)[DP1 start] [SSD]Diamonds (19xx)(Swift Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dickie Brickie Part 1 (19xx)(Micro User)[a][GAME1 start] [SSD]Dickie Brickie Part 1 (19xx)(Micro User)[GAME1 start] [SSD]Dictator (1983)(Dktronics)[a][DICTATO start] [SSD]Dictator (1983)(Dktronics)[DICTATO start] [SSD]Dictator (1983)(Dktronics)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Digger (1983)(Visions)[a][DIGGER start] [SSD]Digger (1983)(Visions)[DIGGER start] [SSD]Digger (1983)(Visions)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Digitised Pictures (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-41-1)[bootfile] [SSD]Digitised Pictures (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-41-2)[bootfile] [SSD]Dino and the Saurus Races (19xx)(Gordon Key)[a][DINO start] [SSD]Dino and the Saurus Races (19xx)(Gordon Key)[DINO start] [SSD]Dinosaur Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dinosaur Discovery (1985)(Jacaranda Wiley)[bootfile] [SSD]Dinosaur Discovery (1986)(4Mation)[bootfile] [SSD]Discmaster (19xx)(Beebugsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Disk Aligner (19xx)(Cumana)[ALIGNER start] [SSD]Disk Cruncher (1985)(P. Bossert)[a][CRUNCHR start] [SSD]Disk Cruncher (1985)(P. Bossert)[CRUNCHR start] [SSD]Disk Menus (19xx)(-)[a][RUN !BOOT start] [SSD]Disk Menus (19xx)(-)[RUN !BOOT start] [SSD]Disk Utility (19xx)(-)(nl)[a][MENU start] [SSD]Disk Utility (19xx)(-)(nl)[MENU start] [SSD]Dive Bomber (1984)(Beebug)[a][DIVE start] [SSD]Dive Bomber (1984)(Beebug)[DIVE start] [SSD]Dodge Em (19xx)(Microgame Simulations)[a][DODGE start] [SSD]Dodge Em (19xx)(Microgame Simulations)[DODGE start] [SSD]Dodge Em (19xx)(Microgame Simulations)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dodge Ems (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dodgy Geezers (19xx)(Melbourne House)[cr][a][DODGY start] [SSD]Dodgy Geezers (19xx)(Melbourne House)[cr][a2][DODGY start] [SSD]Dodgy Geezers (19xx)(Melbourne House)[cr][DODGY start] [SSD]Dodgy Geezers (19xx)(Melbourne House)[cr][h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dog Fight (1983)(Opus)[a][DGINTRO start] [SSD]Dog Fight (1983)(Opus)[DGINTRO start] [SSD]Dog Fight (1983)(Opus)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]DogFight (19xx)(Program Power)[DOG start] [SSD]DogFight (19xx)(Program Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dominoes (1987)(M. Williams)[a][DOMLOAD start] [SSD]Dominoes (1987)(M. Williams)[DOMLOAD start] [SSD]Dominoes (1987)(M. Williams)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dominoes (19xx)(-)[a][DOMINO start] [SSD]Dominoes (19xx)(-)[a2][DOMINO start] [SSD]Dominoes (19xx)(-)[DOMINO start] [SSD]Doodle (19xx)(Micro User)[a][DOODEL start] [SSD]Doodle (19xx)(Micro User)[DOODEL start] [SSD]Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[cr Ole][a][LOADER start] [SSD]Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[cr Ole][a2][LOADER start] [SSD]Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[cr Ole][LOADER start] [SSD]Double Phantom Combat (1986)(Dr. Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dr. Who - The First Adventure (19xx)(BBC)[a][INTRO start] [SSD]Dr. Who - The First Adventure (19xx)(BBC)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dr. Who - The First Adventure (19xx)(BBC)[INTRO start] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a][LOADER start] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a2][LOADER start] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][a3][LOADER start] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[cr Denna][LOADER start] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile-swram] [SSD]Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror! (1985)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dracula Adventure (1984)(A. Grifo)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dracula Island (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[a][DRACULA start] [SSD]Dracula Island (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[DRACULA start] [SSD]Dracula Island (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dracula Island v1.1 (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h Mike Tomlinson][a][DRAC start] [SSD]Dracula Island v1.1 (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h Mike Tomlinson][DRAC start] [SSD]Dracula Island v1.1 (19xx)(Kansas City Systems)[h TSTH - Mike Tomlinson][bootfile-E00DFS] [SSD]Dragon Quest (1982)(Bugbyte)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dragon Rider (19xx)(Salamander)[a][DR1 start] [SSD]Dragon Rider (19xx)(Salamander)[DR1 start] [SSD]Dragon Rider (19xx)(Salamander)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dragon World (19xx)(4Mation)[bootfile] [SSD]Dragon's Tooth (19xx)(Incentive)[a][DR start] [SSD]Dragon's Tooth (19xx)(Incentive)[DR start] [SSD]Dragon's Tooth (19xx)(Incentive)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[a][DRAIN start] [SSD]Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[a2][DRAIN start] [SSD]Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[DRAIN start] [SSD]Drain Mania (19xx)(Icon)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[DAMLOAD start] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[DRAUGHT start] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Micro User)[a][DRAUGHT start] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Micro User)[DRAUGHT start] [SSD]Draughts (19xx)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Draughts v1.32 (1983)(Computer Concepts)[h TSTH][bootfile-BBC&Electron] [SSD]Draughts v2.1 (19xx)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Dreamscape, The (demo) (1994)(DSPD)[h 8-Bit](TBI-55-1)[bootfile] [SSD]Drogna (19xx)(Acornsoft)[bootfile] [SSD]Drogna (19xx)(Acornsoft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Druid's Circle, The (19xx)(Holl-Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Drunken Dan (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Duck Shoot - Sharp Conversion v0.5 (1980)(Southern)[a][DUCKSHO start] [SSD]Duck Shoot - Sharp Conversion v0.5 (1980)(Southern)[DUCKSHO start] [SSD]Duck! (19xx)(-)[a][DUCK start-E00DFS] [SSD]Duck! (19xx)(-)[DUCK start-E00DFS] [SSD]Duck! (19xx)(Firebird)[DUCK start] [SSD]Duck! (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dune Fighters v1.0 (1983)(Daniel Bishop)[a][DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Fighters v1.0 (1983)(Daniel Bishop)[DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Hunter (19xx)(G.J. Key)[a][HUNTER start] [SSD]Dune Hunter (19xx)(G.J. Key)[HUNTER start] [SSD]Dune Rider (1983)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dune Rider (1984)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a][DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a2][DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a3][DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[a4][DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[DUNE start] [SSD]Dune Rider (19xx)(Micro Power)[h TSTH][t +4][bootfile] [SSD]Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[a][DUN-ADV start] [SSD]Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[a][DUNGEON start] [SSD]Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[DUN-ADV start] [SSD]Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[DUNGEON start] [SSD]Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(Level 9)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 0)[bootfile-Master] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 0)[h TSTH][bootfile-Master] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 1)[a][DUNJUNZ start-Model B] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 1)[DUNJUNZ start-Model B] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)(Side 1)[h TSTH][bootfile-Model B] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[b] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[cr Ole][DUNJ start] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[DUNJUNZ start] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile-swram] [SSD]Dunjunz (1987)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile] [SSD]Dynamic Modelling Systems (19xx)(Longman Micro)[b][bootfile] [SSD]

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