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Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack

Format: High Quality FLAC

Track Name:Link:Size:
01 To the End of the WildernessDownload13M
02 The Demon Tower that Pierces the HeavensDownload6.1M
03 Ashes to AshesDownload7.5M
04 Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)Download17M
05 Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)Download13M
06 Funeral ProcessionDownload12M
07 Morning of DepartureDownload14M
08 The Shaman Princess's FeelingsDownload13M
09 Ending Theme ''Oath to the Blue Sky''Download33M
10 HopeDownload12M
11 Migratory Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)Download11M
12 Cold Darkness (Dungeon)Download9.6M
13 Critical Hit!Download11M
14 TownDownload11M
15 Crossing Over the Raging Waves (Bartholomew's Theme)Download9.5M
16 The Bird Soaring the Sky (Emma's Theme)Download7.5M
17 Courage (Dungeon)Download9.9M
18 Getting Rich Quick! (Jack's Theme)Download5.7M
19 Battle- Mid-BossDownload9.8M
20 Alone in the WorldDownload13M
21 Isolated WorldDownload12M
22 Village of the ElwDownload8.5M
23 Adlehyde CastleDownload11M
24 AbbeyDownload7.3M
25 Wh-What (Zed's Theme)Download6.5M
26 False Wedding on the SeaDownload12M
27 Not Just Any Kid, But a Lady! (Jane's Theme)Download5.1M
28 Warrior's Whistle (Boomerang's Theme)Download12M
29 A Moment of Tension (Lady Harken's Theme)Download8.2M
30 From Anxiety to ImpatienceDownload11M
31 Rudy's CompanionsDownload8.8M
32 To the Sea of StarsDownload13M
33 Battle- MotherDownload9.4M
34 Battle- ZeikDownload8.3M
35 Quarter KnightsDownload14M
36 To the End of the Wilderness ~ To a New JourneyDownload15M

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