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Super Mario History 1985-2010

Format: High Quality 320Kbps MP3

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Track Name:Link:Size:
01 Aboveground BGMDownload7.5M
02 Aboveground BGMDownload4.0M
03 Athletic BGMDownload3.0M
04 Aboveground BGMDownload4.3M
05 SlideDownload6.5M
06 Dolphic TownDownload7.0M
07 Aboveground BGMDownload7.0M
08 Super Mario GalaxyDownload9.4M
09 TitleDownload4.0M
10 Super Mario Galaxy 2Download4.6M
11 CoinDownload212K
12 Mario JumpDownload192K
13 When Transformed into Super MarioDownload220K
14 1UPDownload216K
15 When Super Mario Becomes Small - When Entering a PipeDownload212K
16 TIME UP Warning FanfareDownload284K
17 Player DownDownload280K
18 Game OverDownload328K
19 Course Clear FanfareDownload392K
20 World Clear FanfareDownload432K

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