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Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana OST

Format: High Quality FLAC

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Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
1-01 Legend of Mana ~Title Theme~Download14M
1-02 An Old SongDownload20M
1-03 World of ManaDownload25M
1-04 Song of Mana ~Opening Theme~Download20M
1-05 A Place with HeartDownload8.3M
1-06 Hometown DominaDownload15M
1-07 Diddle's OrganDownload4.4M
1-08 Traveler's RoadDownload29M
1-09 Pain the UniverseDownload23M
1-10 Gato GrottoesDownload16M
1-11 Colored EarthDownload29M
1-12 Marginal BeastDownload9.8M
1-13 LuminaDownload11M
1-14 Faraway Dreaming Days ~Siren's Song~Download12M
1-15 To the SeaDownload21M
1-16 Polpota HarborDownload13M
1-17 Faraway Dreaming Days...Download5.9M
1-18 Generations of SerenityDownload11M
1-19 Bedight OrbitDownload21M
1-20 The Wind Sings of a JourneyDownload13M
1-21 Mystic City GeoDownload15M
1-22 Passing MemoriesDownload12M
1-23 The Darkness NovaDownload29M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
2-01 PastoralDownload9.4M
2-02 Into the PastureDownload7.6M
2-03 Maker's GallopDownload6.4M
2-04 Fruit of DreamsDownload8.1M
2-05 Good Things Happen!Download356K
2-06 Let's Play the Organ!Download776K
2-07 Let's Play the Organ! (A Second Time)Download880K
2-08 NocturneDownload2.5M
2-09 Digger's Song ~Song of Spelunkers~Download4.7M
2-10 Serene SongDownload2.9M
2-11 Sorrowful SongDownload2.3M
2-12 Joyful SongDownload2.5M
2-13 Mysterious SongDownload3.5M
2-14 Missing TruthDownload17M
2-15 Two Feelings ~Lucemia~Download22M
2-16 Irwin on ReflectionDownload18M
2-17 Other Side of the TruthDownload14M
2-18 Overlapping DestiniesDownload21M
2-19 Bondage BestowedDownload9.0M
2-20 The FlamesDownload16M
2-21 The Crimson DragonDownload13M
2-22 One Who Waits Before DestinyDownload18M
2-23 Blue MelancholyDownload16M
2-24 Jewel Thief SandraDownload3.8M
2-25 Dying City of GlitterDownload15M
2-26 Foolish Love of TreasureDownload19M
2-27 Teardrop CrystalDownload17M
2-28 Thoughts Gathering by the Distant Mana Tree ~Theme of Mana~Download9.4M
2-29 Tree of ManaDownload20M
2-30 Shadowy TimeDownload25M
2-31 Nostalgic Song ~Ending Theme for Mana's Story~Download8.0M
2-32 Song of Mana ~Ending Theme~Download42M

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