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Seiken Densetsu Heroes of Mana OST

Format: High Quality FLAC

Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
1-01 To the Heroes of Old ~Opening Theme from Heroes of Mana~Download12M
1-02 Heroes of ManaDownload18M
1-03 The Premonition BeginsDownload15M
1-04 Charge!Download19M
1-05 Let's Begin the StoryDownload672K
1-06 The Beast KingdomDownload18M
1-07 Army of the Beast KingDownload25M
1-08 Tense MovementDownload15M
1-09 Power to TomorrowDownload6.8M
1-10 A Moment's RestDownload6.4M
1-11 SetupDownload16M
1-12 The Way This Heart IsDownload31M
1-13 Black MirrorDownload12M
1-14 Kingdom of the WindDownload16M
1-15 Tale of the Old Nostalgic KingdomDownload27M
1-16 A Prayer for the Holy CapitalDownload18M
1-17 Gazing at the Dream of the Flowing SandDownload13M
1-18 At the End of the Hot SandsDownload23M
1-19 Hidden LightDownload10M
1-20 Make the Oath, Friend!Download18M
1-21 And Thus Fate Becomes CruelDownload26M
1-22 RetreatDownload18M
1-23 With Courage and PrayerDownload28M
1-24 The Dragon EmperorDownload29M
1-25 Summoning the Beast GodDownload6.3M
1-26 A Time of HappinessDownload6.8M
1-27 Strategy MeetingDownload14M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
2-01 A Song of Ice and SnowDownload21M
2-02 A Cold BeatDownload27M
2-03 To the Heroes of OldDownload22M
2-04 An Offering to King AnnaisDownload23M
2-05 The Battle VS. CelestanDownload27M
2-06 The Knights of the WindDownload21M
2-07 Make an EffortDownload15M
2-08 TenacityDownload16M
2-09 Secret ObjectiveDownload23M
2-10 The Wings of Soaring RealityDownload17M
2-11 Battle With the Beast GodDownload24M
2-12 SadnessDownload13M
2-13 Why Are We Without Hope...Download23M
2-14 Illusionary FragmentDownload26M
2-15 Ring of Revolving FateDownload13M
2-16 It's Either Real or NotDownload21M
2-17 The Trembling Earth, The Time of FateDownload24M
2-18 And Those Who Finally Reached Their DestinationDownload26M
2-19 Time for the March to RuinDownload30M
2-20 With the Holy Sword, Deliver the Final BlowDownload12M
2-21 Journey to the DarknessDownload8.4M
2-22 The Tale Told by the Wind ~Ending Theme from HEROES of MANA~Download21M

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