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Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV

Format: High Quality FLAC

Track Name:Link:Size:
01 Angel's Fear (Title)Download7.8M
02 Tell a Strange Tale (Empire South Town)Download8.2M
03 Phantom and...a Rose... (Sad Town)Download6.5M
04 Always Together (Field Theme 1)Download5.5M
05 Fond Memories (Dyluck is Alive)Download4.9M
06 Into the Thick of It (Field Theme 2)Download11M
07 Colour of the Summer Sky (Joyous Town Theme)Download6.8M
08 Dancing Beasts (Goblin Dance)Download6.6M
09 Distant Thunder (Field Theme 3)Download9.4M
10 The Little Sprite (Salamander Theme)Download4.4M
11 It Happened Late One Evening (Dwarf Theme)Download3.9M
12 In the Dead of Night (Intro)Download4.1M
13 Mystic Invasion (Grotto)Download4.8M
14 Secret of the Arid Sands (Desert)Download5.4M
15 What the Forest Taught Me (Upper Land Forest)Download4.3M
16 A Wish... (Crystal Forest)Download3.9M
17 Spirit of the Night (Theme of Sorrow)Download6.9M
18 Did You see the Ocean (Witch's Castle)Download14M
19 Danger (Boss Theme)Download14M
20 Calm Before the Storm (Victory)Download11M
21 The Wind Never Ceases (Jahha's Mountain)Download5.8M
22 Flight into the Unknown (Flight Theme 1)Download8.6M
23 Eternal Recurrence (Defeated Monster)Download9.6M
24 The Legend (Jahha's Cave)Download8.9M
25 Eight Ringing Bells (Ice Palace)Download7.7M
26 Strange Event (Weird Thief Group)Download5.5M
27 King of the Sea (Sandship)Download8.7M
28 Star of Darkness (Flight Theme 2)Download7.3M
29 Premonition (Flight Theme 3)Download5.5M
30 Steel and Snare (Empire Palace)Download9.0M
31 A Prayer and a Whisper (Mana Seed Palace)Download5.7M
32 Ceremony (South Ruins)Download6.8M
33 Morning is Here (Manabeast Arrives)Download5.8M
34 Leave Time for Love (Mana Fortress)Download8.4M
35 Still of the Night (Pure Land)Download14M
36 The Curse (Thanatos Revealed)Download4.5M
37 The Sorcerer (Battle with Thanatos)Download11M
38 An End (Thanatos Defeated)Download4.8M
39 I Will Never Forget You (Randi's Mother's Theme)Download5.3M
40 One of Them is Hope (Mana Beast in Sight)Download5.9M
41 Meridian Dance (Battle with the Mana Beast)Download15M
42 Now Flightless Wings (End Title 1)Download8.6M
43 The Second Truth from the Left (End Title 2)Download17M
44 I Closed My Eyes (Sleep Theme)Download1.7M

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