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Secret of Evermore Complete Soundtrack

Format: High Quality FLAC

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Track Name:Link:Size:
01 10 Print 'Hello World'Download13M
02 Variations of Castle ThemeDownload12M
03 The Secret of EvermoreDownload34M
04 Ancient WorldDownload9.8M
05 Greek TempleDownload18M
06 Pirate ThemeDownload6.6M
07 Ocean ThemeDownload7.0M
08 Merchant ThemeDownload4.7M
09 The QueensDownload7.6M
10 FlyingDownload13M
11 Greek TempleDownload11M
12 The ScientistDownload3.7M
13 IntroductionDownload7.3M
14 Puppet SongDownload4.6M
15 Mini BossDownload3.7M
16 Greek Temple IIDownload7.9M
17 Cecil's TownDownload3.5M
18 Over the WaterfallDownload1.6M
19 The Rat's ChamberDownload4.5M
20 White Castle TownDownload12M
21 Quick Sand FieldDownload3.0M
22 Dark CastleDownload8.7M
23 The TinkererDownload5.5M
24 White CastleDownload6.0M
25 Freak ShowDownload9.1M
26 Dog MazeDownload8.1M
27 Final Boss MusicDownload8.4M
28 Ending MusicDownload5.2M
29 The ReturnDownload5.1M

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