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Lunar Eternal Blue Lunatic Parade Vol. 1

Format: High Quality FLAC

Track Name:Link:Size:
01 Lunatic ParadeDownload16M
02 Drama- 'Buring Determination' ChapterDownload27M
03 Lone Wolf Knight LeoDownload15M
04 Stand and Rise, Men of Valor! Battle No.1Download15M
05 Drama- 'The Magic Guild's Hair's Breadth Crisis!' ChapterDownload73M
06 Money is No. 1Download15M
07 Martial Arts TournamentDownload9.8M
08 Drama- 'Hope's Second Chance!' ChapterDownload33M
09 Ronfar the GamblerDownload15M
10 The Four HeroesDownload18M
11 Drama- 'Ghaleon's Last Moments' ChapterDownload11M

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