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Game Music Concert 5 - Live Best Collection

Format: High Quality FLAC

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Track Name:Link:Size:
01 - The Gourmet Race ~ Collision Theme ~ Theme of Kirby's Return from Hoshi no KirbyDownload23M
02 - Yoshi's Athletic from Super Mario Yoshi IslandDownload15M
03 - Water Music from Super Donkey KongDownload23M
04 - Fire Emblem's Theme Song from Fire EmblemDownload30M
05 - Evil Motif ~ Mudo's Castle ~ Shivering in Fear from Dragon Quest VIDownload17M
06 - Flying Bed from Dragon Quest VIDownload11M
07 - Memories of Atlantis ~ Beyond the Horizon ~ Battle with the Goblins from Hercule's GloryDownload20M
08 - ~Sealed Believers~ Erutsu's Distant Journey from Lennus IIDownload20M
09 - Invincible Knight from Bounty SwordDownload26M
10 - Ihatov Hymn from Ihatov StoryDownload15M
11 - MERIDIAN CHILD (Insert Music) Unknown and Encounter Theme from Seiken Densetsu 3Download19M
12 - Theme of Chrono Trigger from Chrono TriggerDownload26M

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