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Game Music Concert 2 - The Best Selection

Format: High Quality FLAC

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Track Name:Link:Size:
01 - Because I Love You from MOTHER2 Gyiyg Strikes BackDownload12M
02 - Eagle Land Theme from MOTHER2 Gyiyg Strikes BackDownload9.4M
03 - Village from SimCityDownload21M
04 - Town from SimCityDownload18M
05 - Soldier's Rhapsody 'Soldiers Walk' from Daisenryaky ExpertDownload22M
06 - The Beacon from Nobunaga's Ambition Bushou FuunrokuDownload16M
07 - Distant Mountains and Rivers from Nobunaga's Ambition Bushou FuunrokuDownload15M
08 - Palace Trumpet from Dragon Quest VDownload9.0M
09 - Bridal Walz from Dragon Quest VDownload16M
10 - Opening from Wizardry VDownload14M
11 - In Admiration of Nature from 4.6 Billion Year StoryDownload17M
12 - Sorrow from 4.6 Billion Year StoryDownload18M
13 - Lingering Morning Mist from OtogirisouDownload19M
14 - Beyond the Sadness from OtogirisouDownload15M
15 - Opening Theme from Final Fantasy VDownload17M
16 - Waltz from Final Fantasy VDownload13M
17 - Town Theme from Final Fantasy VDownload11M
18 - Main Theme from Final Fantasy VDownload17M

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