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Final Fantasy Crisis Core Soundtrack

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Disc 01

Track Name:Link:Size:
101 Fragments of Memories -D.M.W-Download2.5M
102 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Successor''Download1.1M
103 Mission StartDownload6.1M
104 First Mission (from FFVII ''Opening ~ Bombing Mission'')Download5.5M
105 The Mako CityDownload3.3M
106 Patriots on a Moonlit NightDownload2.4M
107 EncounterDownload7.0M
108 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Dreams and Pride''Download5.5M
109 Last Order - Crisis Mix (from ''LAST ORDER FFVII'')Download6.9M
110 Burden of TruthDownload3.4M
111 Wandering on a Sunny AfternoonDownload6.5M
112 ConflictDownload3.8M
113 Controlling the Iron BeastDownload6.0M
114 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Under the Apple Tree''Download7.2M
115 The Summoned (from FFVII ''Those Who Fight Further'')Download6.2M
116 The BurdenedDownload2.2M
117 On the Verge of the Assault (from FFVII ''Those Who Fight'')Download6.0M
118 The Clandestine Dark Suits (from FFVII ''Turk's Theme'')Download3.8M
119 The Skyscraper of Iron and Steel (from ''LAST ORDER FFVII'')Download2.5M
120 CombatDownload4.3M
121 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Scars of Friendship''Download2.4M
122 A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII ''Aerith's Theme'')Download3.7M
123 Sky-Blue EyesDownload2.6M
124 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''With Pride''Download3.5M
125 Melody of AgonyDownload1.8M
126 March on the Frontier (from ''LAST ORDER FFVII'')Download3.9M
127 A Moment of CourtesyDownload1.9M
128 A Beating Black WingDownload5.3M
129 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Truth Behind the Project''Download3.8M
130 The Face of Lost PrideDownload5.4M
131 Why (CCFFVII Mix)Download3.7M

Disc 02

Track Name:Link:Size:
201 Town Where the Sunlight Doesn't ReachDownload5.5M
202 A Changing SituationDownload2.3M
203 The Mako-Controlling Organization (from FFVII ''Shinra Company'')Download7.3M
204 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''To a New Post''Download2.5M
205 A Closed Off Village (from FFVII ''Anxious Heart'')Download4.9M
206 Farewell MelodyDownload2.9M
207 The Gloomy MansionDownload2.6M
208 A Momentary RestDownload288K
209 Prelude of RuinDownload1.9M
210 The World's Enemy (from FFVII ''One-Winged Angel'')Download6.1M
211 Night of SeclusionDownload7.1M
212 Duty and FriendshipDownload2.0M
213 Theme of CRISIS CORE ''Chaotic Battlefield''Download2.0M
214 Wilderness of DesertionDownload5.6M
215 Melody of ResolutionDownload2.3M
216 Moonlight Wandering (from ''LAST ORDER FFVII'')Download3.4M
217 An Ancient Hymn Sung by the WaterDownload5.0M
218 Howl of the GatheredDownload6.9M
219 Those Who Accept the Protection of the StarsDownload7.9M
220 SOLDIER BattleDownload5.7M
221 The Price of FreedomDownload6.7M
222 WhyDownload7.8M
223 Fulfilled DesireDownload15M
224 to be continued (from FFVII ''Opening ~ Bombing Mission'')Download2.4M

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