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Devil May Cry OST

Format: High Quality FLAC

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Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
101 Let's Rock! (Title)Download1.9M
102 The Theme of Sparda - Devil Sunday (Sparda's Theme)Download4.1M
103 EV-01 (Opening)Download17M
104 GM-01 (Mission Start Ver.1)Download8.3M
105 ST-01 (Ancient Castle Stage)Download18M
106 Pubic Enemy (Regular Battle 1)Download21M
107 GM-02 (Continue)Download7.2M
108 EV-02 (Get Alastor)Download8.4M
109 GM-03 (Statue of Time)Download18M
110 ST-02 (Cathedral)Download23M
111 EV-03 (Sin Scissors Appearance)Download3.7M
112 ST-03 (Bottom of the Ocean Stage)Download5.0M
113 Red-Hot Juice (Phantom Appearance ~ Battle)Download16M
114 Psycho Siren (Middle Boss Battle)Download13M
115 EV-04 (Nelo Angelo Appearance)Download5.9M
116 Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Battle)Download24M
117 EV-05 (Dante Cornered)Download4.1M
118 ST-04 (Ancient Castle Basement Stage)Download18M
119 EV-06 (Beelzebub Appearance)Download2.7M
120 EV-07 (Phantom Appearance ~ Battle Ver.2)Download5.5M
121 EV-08 (Sparda's Image)Download7.2M
122 Lock & Load (Blade Appearance ~ Regular Battle 2)Download21M
123 EV-09 (Get Ifrit)Download2.8M
124 Flock Off! (Griffon Appearance ~ Battle)Download19M
125 EV-10 (Fetish Appearance)Download4.6M
126 ST-05 (Green Garden)Download12M
127 EV-11 (Nelo Angelo Appearance ~ Battle Ver.2)Download3.3M
128 EV-12 (Ghost Ship - Departure)Download2.4M
129 EV-13 (Griffon Appearance ~ Battle Ver.2)Download8.2M
130 EV-14 (Ghost Ship - Sinking)Download3.3M
131 ST-06 (Underwater Stage)Download13M
132 ST-07 (Coliseum)Download19M
133 EV-15 (Griffon Appearance ~ Battle Ver.3)Download3.1M
134 EV-16 (Swear in the Name of Father)Download13M
135 GM-04 (Mission Clear)Download8.4M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
201 GM-05 (Mission Start Ver.2)Download8.4M
202 Karnival (Ancient Castle Night Stage ~ Plasma Appearance)Download18M
203 Mental Machine (Nightmare Battle)Download24M
204 ST-08 (Nightmare Room)Download11M
205 Anarchy in the U.W. (Underworld Battle)Download17M
206 Super Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Appearance ~ Battle Ver.3)Download26M
207 EV-17 (Truth)Download4.2M
208 EV-18 (Get Dark Sword Sparda)Download3.2M
209 Evil Vaccuum (Underworld)Download22M
210 EV-19 (Nobody Appearance)Download1.8M
211 EV-20 (Nightmare Sealed World ~ Battle)Download5.6M
212 EV-21 (Betrayal)Download2.9M
213 The Theme of Eva (Eva's Theme)Download6.2M
214 Final Penetration (Underworld Stage)Download21M
215 ST-09 (Underworld Temple)Download12M
216 EV-22 (Scheme)Download8.7M
217 EV-23 (Devil Emperor Mundus Appearance)Download3.3M
218 EV-24 (Mother's Revenge)Download4.1M
219 EV-25 (Awakening)Download1.9M
220 Legendary Battle (Devil Emperor Mundus Battle 1 Sky)Download32M
221 EV-26 (Dante Falls to Earth)Download1.3M
222 Legendary Battle Ver.2 (Devil Emperor Mundus Battle 2 Land)Download21M
223 EV-27 (Devil Emperor Mundus' Collapse)Download1.7M
224 The Theme of Trish (Trish's Theme)Download8.2M
225 Bloody Bladder (Escape from the Underworld)Download15M
226 EV-28 (Devil Emperor Mundus Again)Download4.0M
227 ST-10 (Devil Emperor Mundus Battle 3 Land)Download19M
228 EV-29 (Mother's Voice ~ Trish Appearance)Download7.3M
229 EV-30 (Reunion ~ The Last Moment Draws Near)Download7.4M
230 I'm Coming! (Escape)Download5.1M
231 Blue Orgasm (Blue Sky)Download7.0M
232 Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love (Staff Roll)Download27M
233 Pillow Talk (Ranking Ver.1)Download9.8M
234 Pillow Talk Again (Ranking Ver.2)Download9.6M
235 GM-06 (Game Over)Download4.0M
236 Super Pubic Enemy (Sparda Battle 1)Download19M
237 S (Sparda Battle 2)Download16M
238 Lock & Load OriginalDownload22M

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