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Devil May Cry 2 OST

Format: High Quality 320Kbps MP3

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Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
101 Dance With DevilsDownload2.5M
102 OvertureDownload2.5M
103 Mission StartDownload2.2M
104 Eye of the Wind (Lower Town)Download3.1M
106 Wings of the Guardian (Lucia Battle 1)Download3.2M
107 A Prayer For Goddes (Lucia Battle 2)Download2.3M
108 Mission ClearDownload1.4M
109 Old LadyDownload1.6M
110 Underground (Catacomb)Download3.2M
111 Eternal (Clock Tower)Download2.9M
112 Cursed Giant (Orangguerra - Tartarussian Battle)Download5.4M
113 ContinueDownload1.9M
114 Game OverDownload444K
115 Bust the Beast (Goatling - Phantom Battle)Download4.4M
116 New FactorDownload432K
117 Parasitic Evil (Jokatgulm Battle)Download3.7M
118 Eye of the Wind (Uppertown)Download4.8M
119 Assault (Infested Chopper Battle)Download3.6M
120 Evil Tower (Nefasturris Battle)Download6.0M
121 Mad Factory (Factory)Download2.9M
122 Faithful Servant (Furiataurus Battle)Download4.2M
123 Realize, Regret... ResolutionDownload2.8M
124 Defective TruthDownload2.6M
125 Blast Off!Download1.9M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
201 Mysterious Ruins (Dante Ruins)Download3.6M
202 Unholy Relics (Lucia Ruins)Download3.4M
203 Shoot the Works (Dante Battle 2)Download3.7M
204 Demon's Paradise (Lucia Battle 2)Download2.6M
205 Uncanny Noise (Noctpteran - Trismagia Battle)Download4.7M
206 EncounterDownload1.4M
207 Power of WillDownload964K
208 Destructive Step (Underworld Influence Lower Town)Download2.5M
209 Blasphemy (Uroboros Building)Download3.3M
210 A Praise of EvilDownload940K
211 Cry for the Moon (Arius Battle)Download5.3M
212 Please Kill MeDownload1.5M
213 Chaotic GloriaDownload904K
214 Sacred TearsDownload2.3M
215 Against the FateDownload4.1M
216 Darkness Instinct (Argosax the Chaos Battle)Download7.1M
217 Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle)Download5.8M
218 Jackpot!Download1.1M
219 All the Way to HellDownload324K
220 Telling Sweet LiesDownload1.4M
221 Heads or Tails (Staffroll)Download5.6M
222 ~Epilogue~Download1.1M
223 Total ResultDownload3.1M
224 Mode SelectDownload2.2M
225 Show Time! (Trish Battle 1)Download4.0M
226 Spark It Up! (Trish Battle 2)Download4.3M

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