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Contra Spirits OST

Format: High Quality FLAC

Track Name:Link:Size:
01. Alien Wars Begin (Title BGM)Download5.0M
02. It's Time for Revenge (1st BGM)Download17M
03. Bloody Storm (Boss BGM)Download15M
04. Pattern Clear (Pattern Clear BGM)Download596K
05. Select the Landing Point (Fall Selection BGM)Download5.4M
06. Megalopolis (2nd BGM)Download20M
07. Battle Runner (3rd BGM)Download27M
08. Daredevil (4th BGM)Download20M
09. Hell Messenger (5th BGM)Download16M
10. Go Forward Under Fire (6th BGM)Download19M
11. The Showdown (Last Boss BGM)Download27M
12. Return in Glory (End Credits)Download18M
13. No Hope No Life (Game Over)Download876K
14. Contra (AC)Download35M
15. Super Contra (AC)Download35M
16. Contra (FC)Download18M
17. Contra (MSX)Download34M
18. Super Contra (FC)Download24M
19. Contra (GB)Download38M
20. It's Time for Revenge (Midi Arrange)Download16M
21. Megalopolis (Midi Arrange)Download23M
22. Daredevil (Midi Arrange)Download22M
23. The Showdown (Midi Arrange)Download18M
24. Return in Glory (Midi Arrange)Download20M

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