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Chrono Trigger OSV

Format: High Quality FLAC

Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
A Prayer to the Road That Leads...Download828K
A PremonitionDownload2.5M
A Shot of CrisisDownload15M
A Strange HappeningDownload9.3M
Battle 1Download16M
Boss Battle 1Download11M
Chrono Trigger (Chrono's Theme)Download12M
Fanfare 1Download7.6M
Gonzalez's SongDownload3.2M
Guardia Castle ~Courage and Pride~Download21M
Guardia Millineal FairDownload18M
Kaeru's ThemeDownload11M
Memoria CathedralDownload6.2M
Memories of GreenDownload18M
Morning SunlightDownload4.5M
Peaceful DaysDownload14M
Secret of the ForestDownload23M
Silent LightDownload11M
The Hidden TruthDownload5.0M
The TrialDownload20M
Wind SceneDownload18M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
Ayla's ThemeDownload7.7M
Battle 2Download14M
Battle With MagusDownload19M
Bike ChaseDownload9.2M
Boss BattleDownload15M
Burn! Bobonga!Download12M
Confusing MelodyDownload9.5M
Delightful SpekkioDownload15M
Dome-16's RuinDownload9.3M
Fanfare 2Download548K
Fanfare 3Download312K
Lavos' ThemeDownload27M
Magus' CastleDownload2.3M
Mystery of the PastDownload352K
People Who Threw Away the Will to LiveDownload16M
Primitive MountainDownload17M
Remains of FactoryDownload17M
Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and EarthDownload9.8M
Robo Gang JohnnyDownload13M
Robo's ThemeDownload8.7M
Ruined WorldDownload17M
The Brink of TimeDownload12M
The Day the World RevivedDownload5.9M
Underground SewerDownload11M

Disc 3

Track Name:Link:Size:
At the Bottom of NightDownload12M
Black DreamDownload16M
Chrono and Marle ~Far Off Promise~Download7.5M
Corridors of TimeDownload16M
Epilogue - To Good FriendsDownload12M
First Festival of StarsDownload15M
Last BattleDownload25M
Sara's ThemeDownload15M
Sealed DoorDownload14M
Silvard ~Wings That Cross Time~Download20M
Singing MountainDownload15M
To Far Away TimesDownload27M
Tyran CastleDownload22M
Undersea PalaceDownload20M
World RevolutionDownload22M
Zeal PalaceDownload22M

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