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Chrono Cross

Format: High Quality FLAC

Disc 1

Track Name:Link:Size:
Arni Village ~ Another WorldDownload14M
Arni Village ~ HomeDownload17M
Between Life and DeathDownload19M
Chrono Cross ~ Scars of TimeDownload16M
Deathfire MountainDownload18M
Depared SoulsDownload17M
Drowned ValletDownload10M
Ephemeral MemoryDownload12M
Fields of Time ~ Home WorldDownload22M
Forest of IllusionDownload16M
Fortress of Ancient DragonsDownload21M
Fragment of a DreamDownload5.7M
Galdorb ~ Another WorldDownload14M
Ghost ShipDownload7.6M
Hydra SwampDownload17M
Lizard DanceDownload17M
Lost FragmentDownload15M
Lost in TimeDownload14M
On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another WorldDownload12M
Reminiscing ~ Unerasable MemoryDownload13M
Snakebone MansionDownload15M
Termina ~ Another WorldDownload18M
Victory ~ A Gift of SpringDownload5.0M
Voyage ~ Another WorldDownload9.5M

Disc 2

Track Name:Link:Size:
A Light Already LostDownload2.0M
A Narrow Space Between DimensionsDownload9.7M
Beginning of a DreamDownload3.5M
Dead Sea - Tower of DestructionDownload14M
Etude 1Download856K
Etude 2Download948K
Galdorb ~ Home WorldDownload21M
Island of the Earth DragonDownload17M
Isle of the DeadDownload15M
Magic from the FairiesDownload944K
Magical DreamersDownload20M
Marbule ~ Another WorldDownload15M
Marbule ~ Home WorldDownload16M
Navel of the WorldDownload20M
Prisoners of FateDownload17M
Termina ~ HomeDownload22M
The DragonsDownload18M
The Splendidly Grand Magic TroupeDownload8.0M
Victory ~ A Cry in SummerDownload5.7M
Voyage ~ Home WorldDownload22M

Disc 3

Track Name:Link:Size:
Burning OrphanageDownload16M
Dark Realms of TimeDownload3.2M
Dragon GodDownload19M
Dragon's PrayerDownload27M
Fates ~ The God of DestinyDownload21M
Fragment of a DreamDownload7.3M
Frozen FlameDownload14M
Garden of GodDownload14M
Jellyfish SeaDownload11M
Life ~ A Distant PromiseDownload34M
Radical Dreamsrs ~ Unstolen JewelDownload26M
Reminiscing ~ Unerasable MemoryDownload6.1M
The Dream that Time DreamsDownload26M
The Girl Who Stole the StarsDownload20M
Tower of StarsDownload12M

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