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BioShock 2

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Track Name:Link:Size:
01. Pairbond - Bioshock 2 ThemeDownload13M
02. Waking Up In 1959 (Multiplayer Main Menu)Download8.0M
03. Ten Years LaterDownload9.8M
04. Protecting His ChargeDownload7.2M
05. Welcome BackDownload12M
06. Cult Of LambDownload5.8M
07. Out The AirlockDownload9.5M
08. How She Sees The WorldDownload12M
09. Grace Under The OceanDownload9.2M
10. The AbyssDownload6.5M
11. Big Sister On The MoveDownload11M
12. Send Him Howling Back To HellDownload13M
13. Eleanor's DarknessDownload9.8M
14. That Symbol On Your HandDownload8.3M
15. Drained MemoriesDownload15M
16. Entrance To EdenDownload8.7M
17. PersephoneDownload5.8M
18. Cell BlockDownload7.3M
19. Lockdown MarchDownload7.8M
20. Welcome To The Drop (Alt with Vocal)Download8.3M
21. Under The Tracks (Unused With Vocal)Download15M
22. ResearchDownload5.7M
23. Destroying The LobbyDownload7.4M
24. Gil's EntertainmentDownload12M
25. EscapeDownload22M
26. Eleanor's LullabyeDownload8.9M

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