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Shenmue. The world is an enormous realtime simulation albeit on a faster clock than our own. You are Ryo Hazuki and return home one day to witness the tragic murder of your father at the hands of a man named Lan Di. From there on, it's a ride that you'll never forget.

Shenmue features a really vast world where things happen according to the time of the day or night. You are on a clock to complete objectives but are given enough time to be comfortable. The sheer enormity of the world in Shenmue is what leaves most people spellbound. You can practically do anything from opening drawers to having a cup of tea.

The story is engaging and the graphics are breathtaking. Most good looking PS2 titles have trouble matching up to the splendor of Shenmue on the Dreamcast. The game atmosphere is captivating and you'll truly feel a sense of immersion while playing this wonderful title. Shenmue II is a continuation of the story of Shenmue I, Ryo's quest to seek out his father's murderer.

Clearly one of the best RPG's ever to be created. Unfortunately, Shenmue II was never released in the United States. We have for you over here the NTSC (U) Version of Shenmue I and the PAL Version of Shenmue II. Also, both the Shenmue's available here (in one BIG file) are the best releases the game has ever seen in terms of things being taken out to make the games fit on a CD-R. Ofcourse, some things have been downsampled, however, these releases are nearly perfect.

Since this file is rather large (3.58GB) we're providing it via Bittorrent. But don't worry, our server shall be seeding it for you 24x7 so the file shall ALWAYS be available to you at high speeds. Please do seed it for a while after you finish downloading so that other people can also get some good speeds.

Note: Shenmue I is a 4 Disc Pack which includes three game discs and one passport disc. The passport disc includes information about ingame characters such as their background info, etc. Shenmue II is a 4 Disc title with all 4 discs being game discs. So you could consider this an exclusive 8 disc release of both titles in one big file. Enjoy : )

Download Links:
Download Shenmue - Sega Dreamcast ISO
Shenmue 2 Sega Dreamcast Download
Front Cover (Shenmue I):

Front Cover (Shenmue II):

Shenmue I Manual (USA) [1.56MB]
Shenmue II Manual (Europe) [2.31MB]

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