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Listing Fighting games for ZX Spectrum Z80:

Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)(128k)Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)(128k)[a2]Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)(128k)[a]Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)[a]Captain America - Defies The Doom Tube (1988)(Go - Capcom)Captain America - Defies The Doom Tube (1988)(Go - Capcom)[a2]Captain America - Defies The Doom Tube (1988)(Go - Capcom)[a]Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace)[Speech]Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace)[a][Speech]Fighter (1983)(Werner Spahl)(De)Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)Human Killing Machine (1988)(US Gold)(128k)Human Killing Machine (1988)(US Gold)(Partial)International Karate (1985)(System 3 Software)International Karate (1985)(System 3 Software)[a2]International Karate (1985)(System 3 Software)[a3]International Karate (1985)(System 3 Software)[a]Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)[a2]Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)[a]Red Heat (1989)(Ocean Software)Spitting Image (1988)(Domark)(128k)Street Fighter (19xx)(Shards)Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players Premier)Target (1997)(CSSCGC)Target (19xx)(Summit)Target (19xx)(Summit)[a]Tube, The (1987)(Quicksilva)Tube, The (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)Tube, The (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)[a]Tube, The (1987)(Quicksilva)[a]Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)[a2]Ultimate Warrior (1988)(Mark Howlett)[a]Way Of The Exploding Fist +, The (1988)(Melbourne House)Way Of The Exploding Fist +, The (1988)(Melbourne House)[a2]Way Of The Exploding Fist +, The (1988)(Melbourne House)[a]Way Of The Exploding Fist, The (1985)(Melbourne House)Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)(128k)Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a]Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (1986)(Imagine Software)Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (1986)(Imagine Software)[a]

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