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Game Name:Average Rating
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Volume 1 Sarah Bryant (J)4.8621
Advanced World War - Last of the Millennium (J)4.7872
Burning Rangers (E)4.7193
Langrisser Dramatic Edition (J)4.7117
Saturn Bomberman (E)4.7000
Nanatsu Kaze - No Shima Monogatari (J)4.6763
Shining Force 3 1st Scenario (J)4.6757
Saturn Bomberman (J)4.6603
Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers (J)4.6535
Shining Force 3 3rd Scenario (J)4.6516
Princess Crown (J)4.6491
Silhouette Mirage (J)4.6447
Last Bronx (E)4.6433
Astal (U)4.6377
Super Real Mahjong P V (J)4.6296
Snatcher (J)4.6278
Langrisser 5 The End of Legend (J)4.6265
Saturn Bomberman (U)4.6238
Resident Evil (E)4.6205
Resident Evil (U)4.6170
Cotton 2 (J)4.6145
EVE Burst Error (J)4.6120
Panzer Dragoon (U)4.6107
Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collectors Edition (U)4.5980
Genso Suikoden (J)4.5973
Megaman X4 (U)4.5951
Gradius Deluxe Pack (J)4.5946
Megaman X3 (E)4.5890
Crows The Battle Action for Sega Saturn (J)4.5886
Bug! (U)4.5854
Thunder Force Gold Pack 1 (J)4.5833
Sonic Jam (E)4.5776
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Tokkaedama (J)4.5769
King of Fighters '96 (J)4.5769
Twinkle Star Sprites (J)4.5764
Exhumed (E)4.5763
Albert Odyssey (U)4.5754
Fighter's Megamix (U)4.5738
Jonah Lomu Rugby (E)4.5728
Die Hard Arcade (U)4.5714
Super Robot Wars F (J)4.5711
Deep Fear (E) CD24.5588
Thunder Force V (J)4.5546
Bio Hazard (J)4.5451
Virtua Fighter 2 (J)4.5377
Grandia Disc 1 of 2 (J)4.5328
Sega Rally Championship (E)4.5240
F-1 Challenge (E)4.4917
Sailor Moon Super S - Various Emotion (J)4.4865
Dragon Ball Z The Legend (FRA)4.4837
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