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List of all Panasonic 3DO (3DO Interactive Multiplayer) ISOs
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Game Name:Average Rating
Need for Speed, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A1115 CC 735507-2 R70]4.3
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[A1069 DE SM3851-2 RE1 R72]4.54
Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD4431]4.6
Yu Yu Hakusho (1994)(Tomy)(Jp)[FP-125]4.58
Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[3DRM-1277190]4.71
Killing Time (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)[!][B1460 CE 01592-2 RE1 R71]4.62
Alone in the Dark (1994)(Interplay)(US)[!][CD3D00380 R1H]4.44
Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)[!][GW 02321 SRCR01]4.63
Escape from Monster Manor - A Terrifying Hunt for the Undead (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B3494.88
Battle Chess (1993)(Interplay)(US)[!][WO 57350-3P]4.9
Crash 'n Burn (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][DFJN5002ZAZ]4.61
Way of the Warrior (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][U1SB1002 R1H]4.42
Star Wars - Rebel Assault (1993)(LucasArts)(US)[!][636230 R1H]4.29
Samurai Shodown (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][60020 R1J]4.33
Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B587 000173-2 R71]4.67
Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD7065]4.58
Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][A810 CP 00014-2 R71]4.58
Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[a][CDD4431]4.72
Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][UISD1001 R1D]4.5
Twisted - The Game Show (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A983 CC 730807-2 R73]4.44
Drug Wars (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B1384 CP 000234-2 R70]4
Phoenix 3 (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[CDD9418]4.75
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!]4.78
Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)[!][3DRM-1255110 1]5
D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[FZ-SE23531]4.69
Return Fire (1995)(Prolific)(US)[!][WO 47062-1]5
Myst (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[FZSM0204 R1J]5
Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)(Take 2)(US)[!][439480035803 R2J]4.83
Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!][FZSM37511 R1J]4
Captain Quazar (1996)(Studio 3DO)(US)[A2181 CE 02379-2 R70]4.75
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A853 728507-2 R70 ARC]4
Space Pirates (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[B1508 CP 000203-2 R72]4
Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Eu)[CDD7568]4.69
Guardian War (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][A788 DE SM0202-2 R70]4.25
D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[FZ-SE23532]5
Star Fighter (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9417]4.69
MegaRace (1994)(Mindscape)(US)[B309 DJ 219961-2 R73]5
Ballz - The Director's Cut (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[!][65283 R1J]4
Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][Fire & Earth][GW 02421.1]3.9
Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][Wind & Fang Tu][GW 02421.2]5
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!]5
Primal Rage (1995)(GoldStar)(Eu)[CDD9355]4.55
Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[!][A1514 CE 02102-2 R70]4
AutoBahn Tokio (1995)(Matsushita)(Jp)[FZ-SJ7801 1]4.8
Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B749 CC 731407-2 R71]4.63
Burning Soldier (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0401]4.5
FIFA International Soccer (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD4947]3.9
Incredible Machine, The (1994)(Dynamix)(US)[44874-3]4.67
Soccer Kid (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)[B260 CE 00942-2 R70]4.75
BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(US)[A1796 CE 01595-2 R71]4
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