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List of all Nintendo Game Boy ROMs
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Game Name:Average Rating
[BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World)4.8598
Game Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge (Japan) [b]4.7955
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Japan)4.6538
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R (Japan)4.6481
Game Boy Camera (USA, Europe)4.6430
Seiken Densetsu (Japan)4.6327
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA, Europe)4.6260
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (Japan)4.6259
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (Japan)4.6255
Picross 2 (Japan)4.6211
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden 2 (Japan)4.6208
Street Fighter II (USA, Europe) (Rev A)4.6142
Bugs Bunny, The - Crazy Castle (USA, Europe)4.5887
Killer Instinct (USA, Europe)4.5789
Hyper Lode Runner (World) (Rev A)4.5781
Pocket Camera (Japan) (Rev A)4.5759
Nettou Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken (Japan)4.5752
Dragon Slayer I (Japan)4.5725
Magic Knight RayEarth (Japan)4.5686
Game Boy Camera Gold (USA)4.5685
Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (USA, Europe)4.5674
Final Fantasy Legend II (USA)4.5660
Hugo (Europe)4.5534
Navy Blue 90 (Japan)4.5505
Final Fantasy Legend, The (USA)4.5469
Kwirk (USA, Europe)4.5462
Pocahontas (USA, Europe)4.5439
Final Fantasy Legend III (USA)4.5379
Megaman IV (USA)4.5325
Tetris (World)4.5237
Mystic Quest (Germany)4.5196
Megaman (USA)4.5188
F-1 Race (World)4.5172
Castlevania Legends (USA, Europe)4.5116
Final Fantasy Adventure (USA)4.5113
Megaman V (USA)4.5000
Motocross Maniacs (USA)4.5000
Megaman III (USA)4.4857
Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Japan)4.4761
Ranma 1-2 (Japan)4.4711
4 in 1 Funpak (Japan)4.4708
Doraemon no Study Boy 1 - Shou 1 Kokugo Kanji (Japan)4.4672
4 in 1 Funpak (USA, Europe)4.4666
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 (USA, Europe)4.4490
Tamagotchi (USA, Europe)4.3056
King James Bible (USA) (Unl)3.0415

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