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Labyrinth (Japan)Labyrinth (Japan) [En by Suicidal v20030908Beta]Lagrange Point (Japan)Lasa-r Ishii no Childs Quest (Japan)Laser Invasion (USA)Last Action Hero (USA)Last Armageddon (Japan)Last Ninja, The (USA)Last Starfighter, The (USA)Law of the West (Japan)Layla (Japan)Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (Europe)Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (USA)Legacy of the Wizard (USA)Legend of Kage, The (USA)Legend of Prince Valiant, The (Europe)Legend of Robin Hood, The (USA) (Proto)Legend of the Ghost Lion (USA)Legendary Wings (USA)Legends of the Diamond - The Baseball Championship Game (USA)Lemmings (Europe)Lemmings (USA)Lethal Weapon (Europe)Lethal Weapon (USA)Life Force - Salamander (Europe)Life Force (USA)Lin Ze Xu Jin Yan (China) (Unl)Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es) (Unl)Lion King, The (Europe)Lipple Island (Japan)Little League Baseball - Championship Series (USA)Little Magic (Japan)Little Magic (Japan) [En by Gaijin+TransBRC v0.33Alpha] (Incomplete)Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime (Japan)Little Mermaid, The (USA)Little Nemo - The Dream Master (Europe)Little Nemo - The Dream Master (USA)Little Ninja Brothers (Europe)Little Ninja Brothers (USA)Little Red Hood - Xiao Hong Mao (Asia) (Unl) (Sachen) (Famicom)Little Red Hood (Australia) (Unl) (HES)Little Samson (Europe)Little Samson (USA)Locksmith (Asia) (Unl) (NES)Lode Runner (Japan)Lode Runner (USA)Lone Ranger, The (USA)Loopz (USA)Lord of King, The (Japan)Lost Word of Jenny - Ushinawareta Message (Japan)Lot Lot (Japan)Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (Europe)Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (USA)Lucky Bingo 777 (Asia) (Unl) (NES)Lunar Ball (Japan)Lunar Pool (Europe)Lunar Pool (USA)Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan (Japan)Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan (Japan) [En by Vice v1.0] (~Lupin The 3rd - Pandora's Legacy)

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